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O2VAPE oil pens allow convenient buttonless usage and a sleek design available in black, white, grey and stainless steel and with multiple kit options.

Here at O2VAPE we are excited to offer you a high-quality oil vaporizer pen with a sleek design and button-less “Perfect Puff” technology!

What does that mean for you as a consumer?

It means you get the “Perfect Puff” each time you inhale on our button-less pens. The technology interprets how much air you’re drawing in and heats the vape oil to the perfect temperature, just before combustion. It’s that easy!

There are no buttons, dials, or difficult to use settings. We take the work out of vaping and bring you a high quality pen that you can rely on.

At O2VAPE we take pride in our products. Whether you’re new to the world of vaping or are a professional puffer, you’ve probably heard, or experienced, the horror story of “leakage”. Many other vape pen companies use low-quality cartridges that allow the vape oil to get too viscous and subsequently leak a sticky mess everywhere. It’s a nightmare to clean up! You won’t have that problem with O2VAPE pens. Our pens are designed with insulated cartridges that keep the oil vape just right and protect you from the headache of the dreaded “leakage”!

We also understand that everyone has different styles, function and features that they are looking for.  That is why we offer multiple options for our kits.  Whether you are looking for a slim vape pen pack to easily fit in your pocket and provide a sleek look while you travel or a premium oil pen package with a softer case and all the accessories you could need.

We believe in our product so much that if for some rare occurrence one of our pens break, we offer a NO QUESTIONS ASKED, LIFETIME WARRANTY! This warranty allows you to send a non-functioning vaporizer battery to us for repair or replacement in the rare chance that it stops working.

Our vape pen kits come a classic choice of black,white, grey and stainless steel and we have many different packages to fit your needs. They also include everything that you need: a case, cartridge, battery and charger. Fill with your favorite oil and you are off!

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