Vari-Flow Cartridges: 510 thread, Ceramic Cell, Variable Air Flow


You have found the most customizable cartridge available on the market and when you fill it up and dial in your voltage with one of our vape pen batteries you are going to be blown away by the quality.  The Vari-Flow features a variable air flow valve that will allow you to dial in how big of a puff you are looking to take.  We paired that with our award winning ceramic cell heating element, wickless and clean, as well as a much thicker glass casing.

That means higher quality that you can feel and a better puff that you will experience immediately.

Filling glass cartridges like this is easy as well.  This simple screw on mouthpiece covers a large hole that makes filling with an applicator or a cartridge filling machine a breeze.

*Not recommended for lower voltage batteries. 




  • 510 Thread
  • .5ml capacity
  • Ceramic cell heating element
  • Air flow control valve
  • Best or Medium to thick thicker oil
  • Wholesale volume pricing and branding available here

Additional information

Number of Cartridges

1, 2, 5, 10


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