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Find vape pen batteries that will work for any of your 510 thread cartridges.  These batteries allow you to get a nice easy pull and a perfect puff with the oil of your choosing and they are calibrated to hit just the right temperature. More power than an alternative or generic vape pen battery means better hits.  A Lifetime Warranty means you know that we stand behind them.  That means that you experience a tasty effective hit without burning up your cartridge or blowing through your oil too quickly.  We also ensure that the O2VAPE 510 vape batteries operate with the longer lifespan and longer usage off one charge.  This is quality that you can’t get from questionable generic resellers or other competitors buttonless vape batteries.  This is why so many vape shops use us as a distributer when they want to get their customers a quality automatic vape battery.

The way that these batteries work is quite smart.  First off, 510 threads are pretty standard for commercially sold vape cartridges.  Some of these come pre filled with your choice of oils or extracts and some are sold empty so that you can fill them on your own.  Once you have charged your battery fully (about 3 hours), screw the cartridge onto the vape battery and take a pull.  A subtle draw on the cartridge will activate the battery and allow your oil to heat to just the right temperature to create a fine vapor.

If you are looking for an buttonless 510 vape battery for your 510 thread cartridge try the best. O2VAPE is the original and stands behind our products with a lifetime vape battery warranty.  That means if your’s stops working for any reason just get it back to us and we will send a new one out.  Companies can’t and won’t make these promises with lower quality products.  Our premium vape batteries just keep working, that’s how we can afford to stand behind them!

If you are looking for wholesale vape batteries or customized logo vape pens visit our wholesaler page and contact us for more information.  Otherwise you can buy anywhere from a single 510 vape battery to a pack of 10 right here from our product page.

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