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Safety, Longevity, Quality and Service.  Those are the 4 things you can expect in every one of O2VAPE’s 510 thread batteries.  But what does 510 thread actually mean and which battery is best?

  • A 510 thread simply means that the female connection on the vape pen battery is widely compatible with a broad range of vape cartridges which use a male 510 thread.  There is no mechanical significance and it is named simply to imply a wide compatibility with other products.
  • The right 510 battery is one that has the correct voltage for your cartridge and the features that best suit your needs.

Now that those high level questions are out of the way, let’s explore what makes O2VAPE’s batteries a great choice, how you can choose one that will give you years of enjoyment and how we can help if you are having an issue operating one of these open source thread style batteries.

Our 510 batteries allow you to get a nice easy pull and a perfect puff  with almost any 510 thread cartridge while taking advantage of innovative features that set our products apart.  At O2VAPE we offer a wide variety of vape pen batteries, produced under stringent safety & quality testing with lifetime warranties included.  Finding the right vape pen battery requires a bit of knowledge about battery specs and an understanding of your usage preferences.  Here are some of the common decisions that people run into when choosing a vape pen with us.

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Button vs. Buttonless 510 Batteries:

If you are interested in ease of use, not having to click and the utmost simplicity, you are probably in the market for a buttonless vape pen battery which works with an auto-draw technology.  When you draw on the cartridge, it turns on, when you stop, it turns off.  See..? Simple! We offer a few versions.  The lower voltage buttonless battery is a stylus style. This works great with our original glass cartridges but we don’t recommend it to be used with a ceramic cell cart, it may not be able to reach a very high temperature.  If you are interested in getting a more powerful draw or using a ceramic cartridge we recommend our 3.7 volt buttonless battery, the added power will help to increase the amount of vapor and will work great with a ceramic cartridge.

Button batteries give an extra level of control.  In particular you can continue to draw while heating the cartridge and allowing it to cool.  Users appreciate this feature since it can let you take longer draws and better control the temperature with this manual technique.  For some it’s just as simple as a preference of being able to use the button activation.  Variable voltage vape pens generally will be button activated.

Voltages Explained

At O2VAPE we offer vape batteries that are 3.3 volts, 3.7 volts and then adjustable voltage, also referred to as variable voltage.  Matching your voltage with the type of cartridge you are using is important.  It will help to improve function, quality and most of all, taste.  The best taste and best effect comes from using the lowest effective voltage for your cartridge to fire.  This creates a vapor that avoids burning and creates the most pure flavor profile.  For glass cartridges we recommend vaporizing around 3.3-3.7 volts. For ceramic heating elements, you can still fire them at about 3.3-3.5 volts but we do recommend 3.7 volts or higher.  Once again, batteries like the Flip Platinum Vari-Vape, Vari-Vape XL and Vari-Vape 900, Nano or Decoy all have a variable voltage feature that will provide the widest range of options.

Capacity (mah)

The length that each charge will last is determined by the batteries capacity, that is shown through the mah of each battery.  Expect to find vape pen batteries with an mah between 280 and 900.  Choosing a battery with a larger capacity often means choosing a bigger battery, and you can expect to get more usage between charges.  Operating your battery at a higher voltage will drain a charge faster so if you like to vape at a high temperature, you may consider a higher mah battery like the Vari-Vape xl or the Vari-Vape 900.


We offer 6 different color choices however, they are not all available on every battery.  Gray, Black, Steel, White, Rose gold and Wood Grain.  Some of these colors come in a rubberized “Rugged” texture.  Prices for different colors may vary.

Other Features

Other features of our batteries include conceal-ability like with the Flip, tiny footprints like with the Nano and Decoy.  Our Decoy vape pen even has an available adapter to make it compatible with the popular style pod cartridges.  These functional features will help you to differentiate and find something unique that fits your needs perfectly.

Additional Information on Vape Pen Batteries:

Warranty Information:

O2VAPE is the original and stands behind our products with our industry leading lifetime vape pen battery warranty.  Companies can’t and won’t make these promises with lower quality products. We ensure that the O2VAPE’s 510 vape batteries operate with a longer lifespan and longer usage off one charge.  This is quality that you can’t get from questionable generic resellers or gas station alternatives. Read our warranty for more details.

Directions for use:

Each battery has similar operating instructions however, instructions are included with most batteries that we sell.  Read the instructions on or in your vape batteries box for specifics or check the product page or FAQ’S.

Charging your battery:

When charging an O2VAPE vape pen battery, only use the recommended charging adapter and a normally powered usb.  Never use a rapid charger as these can and will damage you battery.  Simply plug your usb charger into a standard port then screw your battery into the provided usb adapter until the light turns red (snug, not too tight).  After 2-3 hours your battery will be fully charged.

Troubleshooting a 510 Thread Connection:

If you’re having a problem charging or using your vape pen battery, it’s likely a very easy problem to fix. Watch our troubleshooting guide to clear up 95% of problems and get your battery working smoothly once again.

Wholesale Sourcing:

If you are looking for wholesale vape batteries or customized logo vape pens visit our wholesaler page and contact us for more information.  Also take a moment to read our Wholesale vape pen sourcing guide. It’s full of useful information that will help you to make a good decision when choosing a supplier. We offer branded vape pen batteries and vape cartridges in bulk or packages of 50 and 100 at our quick ship wholesale page.

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