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FLIP ULTRA® | The Most Advanced 510 Key FOB Vape Pen

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  • Digital Display featuring Puff Counter, Voltage Data and Battery Life.
  • Largest Battery size at 650 mah to keep you vaping longer
  • Auto On/Off Flip Lock to keep your cart where you want it and disabled when closed
  • Wider Voltage Range of 2.1 to 4.8V
  • USB-C or Lightning Charging Port
  • 510 Thread Compatibility
  • Cartridge not included
  • For aromatherapy only

Our most advanced FLIP Vape pen yet, The Patented FLIP ULTRA® is our latest upgrade to the most popular, discreet vape design out there.  It is compatible with all of our cartridges including wider carts such as the All Glass Cartridges and the wider width Vari-Flow Cartridges. The skinny version of the Vari-Flow carts still fit perfectly too! We took our best vape and made it even better through advanced technology, allowing you deeper insights into your vaping, more flexibility and convenience, additional safety and the highest technology available in any Key FOB style vape out there.

This patented Vape Battery is an online exclusive and can be bought ONLY ONLINE AT O2VAPE! Not available from other vendors or in stores.

Buy Multiple and Save!


Best 510 Thread Vape Batteries
“O2VAPE was successful at creating a vape that excels in functionality and aesthetics. Everything about the design actually serves a purpose, it’s not just trying to be fancy to show off.”

“The battery life is also at least double, if not triple the capacity of most stick batteries”

-Vaping 360

Best Vaporizers to Buy This Year
“This is one of the most unique vapes we have ever encountered.”


“When a simple, high-performing vape device comes across our desks, we usually give it top marks. And the O2VAPE Flip Ultra might just sit atop the growing pile of options out there. One of our test oils — a pure, blueberry-tinged blend — absolutely sang using the stock combination, right out of the box.”


“The Flip Ultra is one of the finest vapes I’ve ever used.”
“I really love everything about this device from the design and inspiration to the materials and build quality.”

– Churn Magazine

“It’s a pretty ingenious design in that it resolves many of the problems inherent with traditional oil pens.”

– eCig One

“The attention to detail is clear in the quality of the product.”
“Battery for days! If I was going to be off the grid for the weekend, this is the battery I’d pack.”

– VolcanoTips.com

4.8 of 5 
“The Flip Ultra has, without a doubt, offered me one of the best THC vaping experiences of my life.”
“A stunning product packed with state-of-the-art features.”

– Electronic Cigarette Reviews.net

“The Flip Ultra will quickly become your favorite way to vape cartridges!”
“There are imitators out there, which I have extensively sampled, but the Flip Ultra is special.”
“The power output is uniquely and impeccably consistent, unlike the disappointing performance of most other stick batteries.”
“My active lifestyle has rendered many devices useless, so the Flip Ultra’s sturdy construction gives me peace of mind and a vape with impressive durability.”

-Gypsy Vapes

“You get some big ‘ole clouds with this battery!”

– Urboy Vazquez (YouTuber)

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  1. CT

    Works great Just bought another one for gift

  2. M

    I’m new to smoking and decided to add carts to my routine. I came across this battery after searching all over and I IMMEDEATELY decided I wanted this one. I can’t see why anyone would buy any other battery – it’s perfect. I have ZERO complaints. And from a company run by a fellow veteran?…can’t beat that. I’ve had mine about a year now and I love it.

  3. A

    I stopped smoking carts for a few months. I went back to it. I pulled this baby out of the drawer after all that time. It had 4 bars of battery still! What kind of magic is this? It’s also a very cool looking & quality vape experience. Had to swing in real quick to leave this review because I was very surprised how this holds up.

  4. F

    I love it. I have used it daily since January and not had one issue. It charges fast and having option of charging ports is awesome along with passive charging they literally thought of everything. I do notice it gets hot when charging that is my only concern but considering it has a lifetime warranty not to worried.

  5. VM

    I bought one for myself and a friend, we both think it’s awesome. We get carried away with the flip n hope it doesn’t mess up over time… haha my wife hid my battery in a 1/4 inch of water by accident, she didn’t know about the water haha.. but I found it and it still works perfectly. Me and the wife thinks it’ll be better with a drawn down conceived action to hide it vape completely to look like a actual car key fob

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