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All Glass Vape Cartridges | O2V-GC

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  • Internally heated ceramic element
  • Wickless and Coil-less design – your oil is heated directly from the ceramic element
  • For Aromatherapy purposes only


All Glass Cartridges feature O2VAPE’s award winning ceramic element technology in an all glass cartridge for the ultimate in clean, metal free vaping. 

With the all glass cartridge, your oil never comes in contact with any metal surfaces. The metal 510 thread allows for conductivity that lets your battery power the internal heating coil and get to just the right temp. The consistency of the heating element means that you can use the same voltage that you would with our original ceramic cell carts.

click here for our video tutorial on these cartridges unique filling method

Take your flavor to the next level with a variable voltage vape and the all glass cartridge. By taking our testing to the limits we found a winning combination that provides those looking for an alternative to cartridges containing any metals with the highest quality option.  While we make sure that everything you find on this site passes rigorous heavy metals testing, we also understand the draw for a cart that is all glass, so without further ado, The O2VAPE AG – All Glass Cartridge.

1ml size is perfect for a gram of oil straight from an applicator or vape filling machine.

For use with most 510 thread vape pen batteries, including these best selling vape pens: 

Get ready for the future of oil vape cartridges!  While everyone else has been catching up with the quality of our glass and ceramic vape cartridges, we have been continuing to perfect the puff with our cutting edge 510 thread ceramic vape cartridges.  That’s right, now you can continue using O2VAPE’s great vape products while going 100% glass and award winning wickless ceramic technology!

That means that you should screw this right on to the 510 thread of  our 3.7 volt button vape pen batteryVariable Voltage Pen, then go ahead and rip the cleanest and smoothest tasting hit that you have experienced to date!

You’ll realize that the upgraded filling method allows oil applicators to smoothly and easily fill without overflow or a sticky mess in the end.  The wide open mouth allows easy filling, even with the thickest oils.

If you are looking for a few cartridges for personal use you can go ahead and buy right now.  If you are looking for a larger number of cartridges for your business or brand we can also work with you in producing the most dependable logo vape cartridges.  Just contact us at our wholesale vape pen page.

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  1. B

    Great product

  2. J

    Top drawer. Easy fill, easy clean. And also great costumer service.

  3. AN

    Best carts I’ve ever used. I was using Ccell Evos (sup Hamilton Devices, you guys rock!)

    But I’m sorry, Hamilton. These glass o2vape tanks are leaps and bounds better than ccels.

    The bottom fill design with the spoked plug is genius.

    The atomizer can be soaked in an iso bath overnight and it’s like new.

    It is VERY important when you do your first fill that you give it 30 minutes to wick into the coil. That coil wicks up at least .1-.2ml.

    Amazing product. 12 mm diameter, so be aware, it’s wide.

  4. B

    Best hardware Ive found great flavor all the way through.

  5. TP

    We’re a small craft company in Canada that produces pure extracts. We can honestly say we’re the only ones who do not use liquidizers, cutting agents, artificial terpenes, remediation filtering or any adulterant of any kind. Our final products come out very thick when making oil for cartridges. It takes a lot of pre-heating and horsepower to burn our oil. In the last 7 years we’ve yet to find a cartridge that performs properly with our oil. Haven’t found reliable cartridges either. We’ve dealt with plenty of leaky carts and defective ones to the point of removing them entirely from our menu. Non the less We’ve continued searching and came across O2VAPE. Single piece, all glass carts, designed specifically for thick concentrates with open end tips. We reicieved our first order last week. I made a special batch of oil that same night just to test one out. Personally O2VAPE All Glass 1.0 ml Cartridges are the best electronic oil device We’ve ever experienced. These carts hit like a dab rig set at the perfect temp to really bring out the terpenes and effectiveness. That’s no joke. They hit consistently every time. Effortlessly. They don’t plug up with un-burned oil. They don’t leak. They’re the only cartridge with an atomizer you can hear working during pre-heat. On-top of being technologic masterpieces, these carts are astheticaly pleasing too. Already ordering more

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