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Disposable Vapes

In the search for the right vape pen, there are many choices to consider. The TRAVELER Series of Disposable Vapes by O2VAPE are perfect if you prefer the ease of a disposable vape pen but aren’t willing to compromise on the quality of your vaping experience.  For some enthusiasts, a high quality, low commitment, low cost alternative is the ideal fit for their lifestyle and the next adventure. Enter O2VAPE’s TRAVELER Series.

At O2VAPE, we believe that preferring the ease of a disposable vape pen does not mean that you should have to compromise on the quality of your vaping experience. You’ve found industry leading quality, premium materials and innovative features that are usually reserved for more expensive vaporizers. All of our disposable vape pens are built around long-lasting, high capacity batteries that can be recharged to ensure full usage, and cutting edge cartridge technology that leaves even the most well known manufacturers behind in our vapor. Lab tested materials, portable, sleek, discreet and stylish design, and the smoothest vaping experience anywhere.

The problem with other brands disposable vapes have given this niche of vape sticks a bad reputation as a cheap beginner grade product. Short shelf lives, low quality vapor, inferior materials that are prone to leaking, and batteries that die before you get through your first fill are all issues that we took on head on. In our mission to resuscitate the reputation of disposables, we have solved all of the common drawbacks. Our line of Traveler Extreme & Aero all-in-one disposable vape pens that boldly go where other disposables can only dream of. 

Choose from innovative features like ceramic heating elements, All Glass Cartridge technology, Full Ceramic technology, Pod style cartridges, optional child safety locks and even Variable Voltage features to help you dial in the perfect temps for your favorite oils. This commitment to using only quality components minimizes failure rates and prevents unwanted leaks, while consistently offering the purest and best tasting vapors.

Disposable vape pens are the perfect choice for:

  • Those who are looking to find an all in one solution that doesn’t require a full kit or separate vape battery, charger and cartridge.
  • Vape enthusiasts on the go
  • Vapers looking for a low cost way to try out vape pens and…
  • Brands looking for a wholesale solution package a product for the simplest consumer consumption that does not require additional purchases.


Disposable vape pens are all in one, pre-charged vape pens that can be used for e-liquid, oils, extracts, distillate and more. They are sold empty for you to fill on your own, or as pre-filled vapes from your favorite store. Once the first fill is used, they can be discarded or recycled with other electronics. They are not intended for multiple fills, but are highly cost effective for both personal use and for mass volume oil producers.

On our site you will find empty disposable vapes that are ready to be filled and wholesale bulk disposables for manufacturers to use as premium packaging.


Generally a single disposable vape pen costs about $7-12 depending on features and quality of the components. O2VAPE’s line of Traveler Extreme and Aero disposable vape pens offer high mAh battery capacities, rechargeability, ceramic cell heating elements and optional child safety features are premium products at competitive prices. Volume discounts start at quantities of even 2, 5 or 10 pens.

Of course, we also offer bulk disposable vape pens that are available with custom branding, logos and packaging.  When purchasing a large volume your price will drop significantly.  Ask a wholesale vape pen rep for pricing on any product.


We don’t recommend attempting to refill, after all these are made to be single use. Unless what you’re filling it with is very inexpensive and you don’t mind it being left unused, it’s best to just move along to a fresh vape pen after your .5ml or 1ml of oil is used up. Disposables don’t use the same Lithium Ion batteries that are found in most vape pen batteries.  While ours have a unique recharge feature, they are not built for a high number of charges. The worst case scenario is that you refill and then the battery reaches the end of its life span before you finish your concentrate, leaving you with unused and non-salvageable oil in the cartridge. So while our batteries often outlast a single fill, we just don’t recommend risking it.  At such a low cost, it is worth starting fresh with another single-use vape pen.


You can use our vape pens with extracts, distillate, live resin live rosin,   – whatever is legal in your state. We only sell hardware at O2VAPE, but we are also here to make sure that you have an amazing vape experience.


Disposable vape pen specs aren’t universal, so you should be able to find whatever specific setup you are looking for.  However, most disposable vape pens are designed in the middle of the extremes. Our disposables come in a variety of sizes either .3ml .5ml, 1ml and we even have 2ml and 3ml oil capacities. While the voltage may vary (or be adjustable), most disposable vapes run in the area of 3.3 to 3.7 volts. Battery capacity (mAh) also varies between 280 and 540 for most pens. This is one of the more important specs, as finding a higher mAh or a rechargeable vape will ensure that you get full use of your oils and the most out of the vaping experience. We also have various OHMS or resistances to fit your live resins and rosins. Finally the internal hole sizes are also right in the middle of the extremes and allow users to get a good result from a range of oil viscosity.


Single use vapes vary in how long they will last. The main factors that determine how long a disposable vape pen will last are the mAh rating (a measure of the battery’s charge capacity) and the volume capacity of the cartridge (the quantity of oil it can hold).  As a rough guide, you can expect a .5ml disposable vape to last between 200-300 draws. The other consideration is quality of materials and design – a vape that leaks or breaks won’t last very long at all! Be sure to purchase your disposable vape pen from a brand that’s known for high quality and reliability.


We took our best selling disposable vape pen, the Traveler Extreme, and elevated it to new heights by pairing it with the unmatched purity offered by our All Glass Cartridge and Full Ceramic Cartridge. With these cartridge technologies, your oils are never in contact with any metals, meaning you get to enjoy the purest vapors available from any disposable vape. Both types of cartridges use a ceramic heating element for the cleanest vaporization possible.


Pods are a style of cartridge some vapers prefer which is generally rectangular in shape and that slides into the end of a matching vape battery, where it is held in place by magnets. Pod cartridges differ from the more common 510 thread style vape cartridges, which are typically cylinder shaped and are screwed onto a vape battery using specific sized metal threads. O2VAPE’s Aero Disposable and Traveler Extreme Vari Vape are two examples of disposable pod style vapes which have redefined industry standards.


Variable voltage means that you are able to adjust the strength of the electrical current used to power the heating element that vaporizers your concentrates, and adjusts the temperature of vaporization. This allows you to achieve the most satisfying draw, and to vaporize different elements of your oil, for more flavor, or a bigger puff.  Matching your voltage and vaporization temperature to your concentrate will help to improve function, quality and most of all, taste. The best taste and best effect comes from using a variable voltage disposable vape, such as our Travel Extreme Vari Vape, while running the lowest effective voltage for your cartridge to fire. This creates a vapor that avoids burning and generates the most pure flavor profile of terpenes.


We recommend our Traveler Extreme XL Full Ceramic as your best place to start on your vaping journey for ease of use and maximizing your vaping pleasure. Easy to fill, extremely high quality, and a full ceramic cartridge make this a great choice for a premium disposable.

Are you looking to offer your customers a quality disposable vape pen for your oil vape product? Contact our Wholesale Account Resource.


These are proven to be effective packaging solutions that make it easy for users to buy on the fly and easily use without the need to purchase a complete vape pen kit.  They may not be perfect for every occasion, but have earned their spot in the industry and are currently one of the most popular choices for high end brands.  At O2VAPE, we have taken them to the next level with technological innovations and quality construction that continue to solve problems for consumers and brands.

For instance, we proudly offer larger capacity batteries, rechargeable technology for longer shelf life, ceramic cell technology for producing higher quality vapors, Full Ceramic and All Glass cartridges for purity, higher voltages for stronger puffs, variable voltage for wider oil compatibility, and even child safety features.  All of these options are now readily available to best serve the vape pen community.

The O2VAPE TRAVELER Extreme ,TRAVELER series & Aero disposable vape pens are the perfect mix of convenience, innovation and function.

We have implemented our no leak and perfect puff cartridge technology inside of these simple design vape pens. With an industry best failure rate, these disposables can be relied on to package your product or to use for yourself. Our styles range from flat black, to a rose gold to wood grain and even more!

We make it easy to fill up and roll out! There is no need to buy additional empty vape cartridges or find the best vape pen batteries.  All of that is neatly packaged inside the design of your choice and you can count on a high quality rip whenever the time is right!

If you are looking to work with a trusted and respected distributor and vendor of custom, logo and wholesale vape pens, we can turn around mockups of your logo design in just about 24 hours .  We also take the hassle out of wholesale and the risk out of working with poorly serviced export websites.  If you need help finding the right distributor you are in luck.  Just contact us at our wholesale service portal and speak with a dedicated service rep with years of experience and client satisfaction.

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