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Our Veteran-Owned Business#s Commitment to Quality

Since our founding in 2014, O2VAPE has spearheaded innovation in the vape hardware landscape. Behind this journey is Dana E. Shoched — our Founder, President and CEO. She is a US Navy Veteran whose unyielding commitment to quality feeds the very core of our mission. 

O2VAPE – USA Veteran Owned Company: Our Beginnings

As US Veterans return from duty, they often face challenges in civilian life. The transition can be filled with physical, mental, and emotional barriers. Many suffer from service-related conditions, such as PTSD, chronic pain, and anxiety disorders. Fortunately, a significant portion are discovering solace in the cannabis industry, where they can help others while healing themselves.

Cannabis has long been recognized for its potential therapeutic benefits. For some veterans, medical marijuana offers an alternative to pharmaceuticals, which may have severe side effects or limited efficacy. By using cannabis to treat their symptoms, veterans can find relief and reclaim control over their lives. Patriotic American flags hanging decorations on white picket fence

The legal cannabis industry also offers the opportunity to apply their unique insights, strengths, and experiences to compassionate patient care. Dana E. Shoched’s entry into the professional cannabis industry was molded by her role in the caregiver program within the Michigan community, helping patients suffering from chronic pain and those at the end of life.

Driven by the impact of this powerful plant, Shoched made it her mission to imbue the ideals of quality and safety into every aspect of our operations. Her experiences have forged a deepened sense of customer commitment within our company, making it a brand that truly understands and caters to user needs. O2VAPE embodies the anticipation of user requirements, the delivery of superior service, and the creation of products that uphold the highest standards of safety.

The Flip Ultra 

Amplifying this commitment to product superiority is the  patented Flip Ultra. Widely recognized as a top industry performer, its innovative design and user-centric features make the Flip Ultra illustrative of O2VAPE‘s genuine understanding of user needs. It is a prime example of how Shoched’s dedication has been the driving force behind our reputation for industry-leading quality.

We take pride in our products. The confidence we hold in them is demonstrated by our Flip Ultra lifetime warranty. Our ultimate target? Absolute customer satisfaction.

So, why exactly do customers and consumers consistently choose us? Keep reading to learn more. 


User-Friendly & Discreet Wholesale Vape Hardware

At O2VAPE, we strive to create user-centric products that accommodate everyone, from beginners to seasoned enthusiasts. Our extensive range of vaporizers offers a vaping experience that’s unintrusive and highly convenient.


Relentless Pursuit of Excellence: O2VAPE‘s Unwavering Quality Standards in Vape Hardware and disposables

We believe in pushing the envelope far beyond usability. In our world, quality and endurance form the cornerstone of our mission, highlighting our dedication to crafting products with these important factors.

Each of our vaporizers is a testament to this ideology, subjected to stringent testing and constructed from the highest-grade materials. This meticulous process ensures robustness and longevity suitable for daily use—a combination, we’ve found, highly desired by our customers.

When you choose our brand, you’re investing in a promise of lifelong quality, demonstrating our trademark persistence in maintaining the highest standards. That’s the O2VAPE pledge and one more reason why, we’re just better.


Vape Wholesalers with Exceptional Customer Service: A Sterling Trademark of the O2VAPE Experience

The voice of our customers is crucial. As part of the O2VAPE family, you do not just purchase products—your experiences and feedback actively shape our processes. It’s unity in action, fostering a journey of mutual growth.


Leading the Industry with Exclusive Patents

Building on our legacy of innovation, in 2022, we acquired the exclusive license to produce and distribute the technologically superior and patent-protected All Glass Cartridge and All Glass disposable/all-in-one vaporizers. 

O2VAPE is now the only vape hardware company licensed to offer these state-of-the-art products, further differentiating our standing within this competitive industry. Combining an ongoing commitment to quality with these unrivaled products, we aim to provide safer and more consistent vaping experiences to our customers:

“Each of us at O2VAPE are driven to advance the vape pen industry by developing innovative products that are as safe as they are enjoyable, and we only work with designers and manufacturers who share that commitment. We’re very close to our customers and take their feedback as seriously as we take their safety. That’s why we’re always innovating to make our incredible products even better, even when that means diligently defending against those companies who try to shortcut safety with knock offs.”

— Dana E. Shoched, CEO


O2VAPE – Shaped Out of an Unrelenting Pursuit of Innovation 

When you choose our brand, you’re choosing an experience that goes beyond your purchase. You are embracing the vision of an industry veteran and aligning with a brand shaped out of an unrelenting pursuit of innovation. Trust in O2VAPE, where we turn the promise of unmatched quality into a tangible reality.

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**Military Discount Information**

  • As a USA veteran owned company, we’re grateful for all military personnel whose services and sacrifices fortify our nation and maintain our safety. To honor their bravery, we are delighted to extend a 25% discount on all of our products.

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