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O2VAPE obtains exclusive right to patents covering All Glass Cartridge & All Glass Disposable Vape, becoming the only company to deliver most sought-after product design

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 11, 2022

MICHIGAN– O2VAPE announces its exclusive rights to the patent-protected All Glass Cartridge and All Glass disposable/all-in-one, combining a wickless ceramic design and all glass for a cartridge that delivers safety and quality with every use. With the exclusive rights to these patents in the United States, O2VAPE is the only vape hardware company able to legally deliver this high quality and highly desired product.

“Each of us at O2VAPE are driven to advance the vape pen industry by developing innovative products that are as safe as they are enjoyable, and we only work with designers and manufacturers who share that commitment,” says O2VAPE Founder, President and CEO, Dana E. Shoched. “We’re very close to our customers and take their feedback as seriously as we take their safety.  That’s why we’re always innovating to make our incredible products even better, even when that means diligently defending against those companies who try to shortcut safety with knock offs. I’m very proud to announce this patented all glass design and once again deliver the very best to all our customers.”

O2VAPE has been a leader in designing and evolving vape hardware since its founding in 2014 by Shoched, a US Navy Veteran. Shoched began her professional cannabis career through Michigan’s caregiver program, supporting chronic pain and end-of-life patients with medicinal cannabis. She brings that same dedication to quality and safety to O2VAPE’s customer commitment and award-winning products like the patented Flip Ultra.

With the patented All Glass Cartridge, O2VAPE ensures no contact between metal and any oil, delivering a safe vaping experience with pure flavor. The cartridge has a bottom fill design for increased production speed, and is optimal for nearly all oil viscosities, especially live resin and live rosins.

O2VAPE’s patents ensure the highest quality, best service, most competitive pricing and consistency of delivery to its clientele. It’s this commitment to our customers that drives our tagline: “We’re just better.”

About O2VAPE

Founded in 2014, O2VAPE® is a USA Veteran owned company and has been providing consumers with high quality portable vaping products since 2014 such as our Exclusive PATENTED FLIP ULTRA. 



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