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Dip & Dab 510 Thread Wax Vape Pen | DUAL Pro

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  • Variable voltage 510 thread battery (420 mah)
  • 3.4, 3.7 or 4.2 voltage options
  • O2 Dab coil
  • O2 Ceramic dab touch tip
  • Dab tool
  • 3 pipe cleaners
  • Mini USB charging wire
  • Mouthpiece


If you are looking for full versatility and the most convenient to get a quality dab, consider the O2VAPE Dual.  This Dip and Dab vape features a variable voltage battery with a 420 mah capacity and a nectar collector on the opposite side.  It comes with both a dual quartz dab coil atomizer as well as a ceramic touch style dab tip with an internal heating coil.  Add you favorite wax or shatter to the atomizer and then with a smooth draw from the mouthpiece you can draw at your preferred temperature level.  Alternatively, utilize the touch tip to quickly and easily puff from the opposite side of the battery while simply touching the wax to the touch tip.

Empty your drawer of all the other wax and shatter vape products and replace them with the O2VAPE Dual, a true all in one solution for wax and shatter vaping satisfaction.

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  1. J

    Works pretty well, as I’d hoped. The versatility is the biggest benefit.

  2. T

    Absolutely love this product. Recently went to a 420 event and showed it to a vendor selling dab rigs and he was also impressed

  3. DB

    Amazing product! Super easy to use. Being able to use carts and more with this is just awesome, love it!

  4. D

    It works amazing! It works great with carts. I haven’t used the refillable carts with it yet

  5. JK

    This pen is AS ADVERTISED, a truly flexible and variable unit for wax, shatter, resin and cartridges…works great, feels great in the hand. If I had a recommendation I would suggest a variable amp dial for higher or lower power requirements but it works really well as is…

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