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Variable Voltage 510 Thread Vape Battery | Vari-Vape®

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  • Battery Colors: Available in Steel, Black, Rose Gold, and Wood to match your personal style.
  • Battery Sizes: Choose between Standard and XL sizes to suit your preferences.
  • 510 Thread Compatibility: Ensures maximum compatibility with a wide range of cartridges.
  • Rapid Charging: Comes with a custom wired USB Charger, specifically designed to charge your battery to full capacity in just 2 hours, offering convenience without the wait.

Introducing the peak of variable voltage vape technology: our Vari-Vape® 510 Thread Pen Battery. This advanced model comes with your choice of 310 mAh or 900 mAh capacity, ensuring every vaping session meets your needs. Unlike other models, this battery doesn’t use a twist function for voltage control. Instead, it features a button-activated system for precise control with easy 5-click on/off functionality and 3-click voltage adjustment.


  • 510 Thread Variable Voltage Vape Pen Battery
  • Special USB Charger
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  1. N

    These are awesome! Can’t believe how much bigger hits they give with the extra capacity! No more struggling to get a cloud. One of the 3 i ordered was acting up and the company has me a new one in 4 days. Lifelong customer

  2. SB

    I’ve bought 2 grey one’s already they would last 2 1oz cartridges now they have died over time this wood grain battery only lasts through part of a 1oz cartridge

  3. J

    Excellent battery. It is easy to use and has great build quality. Should last a long time

  4. A

    Lifetime warranty and a fast charge that literally lasts for days. I won’t be bothering with other brands from here on. Customer service is responsive. I got lucky finding O2VAPE, because otherwise I probably would have gone through several more expensive, inferior batteries over the last few years in search of the quality device that is the vari vape 900.

  5. JB

    The 900 mah xl vari vape is the best of them all. It has the strongest heat settings to power and rip my all-glass carts I fill with rosin and diamonds from O2VAPE. This is the best mod battery since its designed and heat settings perfected for their brand of vapes carts.

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