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Why Isn’t my 510 battery working? How to fix a non-firing vape pen.

Are you having a difficult time getting your 510 vape pen battery to work?  Is it not firing consistently or giving weak hits?  We help dozens of people get their vape batteries firing perfectly every day and 99% of the time, there is nothing wrong with the battery and only a small adjustment or possibly a cleaning is needed.  Take a look at our video and get your vape pen firing with peak performance!

Common reasons your 510 thread battery might not be firing.

  • Poor Connection from 510 thread battery to cartridge

510 thread batteries transfer voltage to the cartridge through a connection plate that that is found on the inside of the threading.  This plate is supposed to move up and down to accommodate different cartridges that screw on at different depths.  The most common problem is that the battery may be over-tightened when charging or when screwing on the vape cartridge.  That pushes the connection plate down and could cause it to make poor or no contact, meaning that it can’t efficiently transfer power to the cart and rendering it ineffective.  Don’t Worry!

Just grab a paper clip and gently pry the connection plate back up like in the video.  You battery will make better contact and your vape will be firing efficiently again.

If this doesn’t do the trick, check the connection plate on the cartridge that you are using.  It is possible that you will need to perform the same adjustment on the cartridge which also has its own connection plate.

  • Dirty Connection between your 510 thread battery and vape cartridge

If a cartridges internal hole and the thickness of the oil in it are not paired correctly, it can result in oil leaking into the thread area.  When this oil gets in between the connection plates it reduces the conductivity, in other words, it can stop your battery from firing.  By using a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol, you can clean these connection points and get you vape pen rocking again.

  • Bad Charger Connection

It’s possible that your connection to the charger could also be an issue. Check these connection plates to make sure that when your battery is plugged in, it is actually charging.  A battery without a charge will not fire at all and you won’t see the lights turn on when activating it or turning it on.

  • Don’t Use A Rapid Charger!

Android cell phone chargers and other rapid chargers use the wrong specs and WILL damage your battery.  We do our best in making this information available to every customer since and it could impact your warranty.  If you use a rapid charger and your battery is damaged it is not going to fire correctly and may need to be replaced.  Only use the provided charger for your battery to ensure a long life.

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