We are dedicated to advancing the vape pen industry with cutting edge products, the best cartridge technology and reliable vape pen batteries, rigorously safety tested and quality assured. It’s our goal to get vape pen enthusiasts easy access to the highest quality products and the latest designs.

We are dedicated to advancing the vape pen industry with cutting edge products, the best cartridge technology and reliable vape pen batteries, rigorously safety tested and quality assured. It’s our goal to get vape pen enthusiasts easy access to the highest quality products and the latest designs.

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Smoking and combustion is the way of the past, and safety is job #1 at O2VAPE.  We ensure that our carts pass the strictest CA heavy metals standards.  Using the right vape pen setup offers the cleaner, smoother and more convenient alternative. Whether you are looking for an oil vape pen that you can charge and puff on the go, a 510 thread battery to pair with your cartridge, better pod vape pen to help you quite smoking, a wax vaporizer pen for your or an herbal vaporizer pen that vaporizes your fresh herbs at the temp of your choosing, O2VAPE has the right product and stands behind all of our vape pen batteries with Lifetime WARRANTY!

We stand behind every vape product on our site because we know that they are the best vape pen kits available. Longer life spans, the best components, the leading warranty in the industry and cutting edge technology puts O2VAPE in a category of our own. Our vape cartridges are award-winning because we utilize a better ceramic cell then the rest and cartridge features like the Vari-Flow carb and no-leak tech. Our 510 thread vape pen batteries outperform and outlast all the others because we use high quality components that should make gas station manufacturers embarrassed to sell their junk.  Our hardware makes it easy and safe to vape. Just select the right pen, fill the vape cartridge and experience that perfect puff.

Vape Pens & 510 Thread Batteries

O2VAPE is your premier vape pen, vape cartridge and 510 battery brand. We have you covered for all of your 510 thread, dab pen, dry herb vape and pod vape needs.  If you are looking for the latest in vape pen tech, click over and check out the digital FLIP ULTRA or our industry leading ceramic cell vape cartridges that pass all CA regulations for Cartridge Safety, look no further and expect the absolute best quality.

We are the professional alternative to the common oil vape brand.  Focused on providing consumers quality products that buck the trend of cheap knockoffs.  At O2VAPE we pride ourselves on constantly innovating off the latest vape technology.  That includes open source 510 thread components, exclusive products, extensive features and rigorous testing.  We also think that an informed client is a happy client so browse our vape resources and vape pen FAQ for the best product info around.  Thanks for visiting and we hope you join the O2VAPE family!

Wholesale Vape Pens

If you are interested in wholesale vape pens we can assist you in the process and offer no hassle wholesale to make sourcing simple. Our minimum orders are reasonable and our processes make ordering, branding and delivery a breeze. If you are interested in logo vape pens or ceramic cell cartridges, reach out to our knowledgable reps and we can get you a quick quote on the phone or through our contact form.  We even carry vape filling machines for you manufacturers!

Our staff is the most knowledgable in the business and can help you find the right ceramic cartridges, logo vape batteries or complete branded kits for your next product line. If you need custom vape pens or logo vape cartridges we can turn around mockups in 1-2 business days.

Interested in Wholesale Vape Pens?

We offer competitive pricing and a hassle free sales approach, making it simple to become our partner.

Nobody works harder to ensure quality of product, timing of delivery and top rated customer service then we do.  Our hassle free wholesale services allow extractors and producers to source wholesale vape cartridges, vape batteries and custom vape pens confidently and easily.  Get endless branding and packaging options, point to point representation, stateside quality control and the most experienced sourcing consultants available to help right now.  O2VAPE will take the risk out of getting vape pens wholesale and ensure that this vital business function is streamlined and handled professionally by your account manager.  Whether you need 100 units or 100k units, Contact us or call 855-978-6518 to learn how easy sourcing wholesale vape products with O2VAPE can be.

Vape Client Testimonials

  • I just realized that I hadn't shared my devotion to O2VAPE with everyone here, so off I go! I am so happy to have found this company. Every single product I have tried has been superior to the "competition". Ha! that makes me laugh, because there IS NO competition for O2Vape when it comes to pen-style vaporizers. I have spent countless hundreds of dollars trying to find "the one" pen that could hit like a tank with a larger coil, but keep the convenience and discreetness of a pen. My search is now over. O2VAPE'S pens have the longest lasting batteries I have ever seen. Their cartridges somehow deliver thick, rich flavor-filled puffs, yet burn so little product, I'm actually saving a ton of money on product alone! And they don't leak! EVER! The glass cartridges with the stainless batteries are the sexiest pens I've seen by a country mile and both cartridges and batteries last forever. The customer service for this awesome, Michigan-based company is second to none for ANY business. The focus on product quality and, more importantly, the customer, will leave you feeling that you never have to worry about a thing with regards to your needs. Thank you, O2VAPE. I'll never use another company's product as long as you're around!

    Danny D. Seattle Washington
  • I can’t stress enough how much I love this product! I’ve owned two other vape pens from companies local to me (Seattle) and both broke within two weeks. This is in no way an indictment of those products, I’m just incredibly hard on things. I searched for MONTHS trying to find the perfect vape pen, one that I could just toss in my pocket and not worry about it snapping in two or being so bulky and noticeable. I looked high and low and kept coming up dry. Then I happened upon a Leafly review of a different O2VAPE product. This led me to the O2VAPE website where I found the Flip. I’ll admit, at first I was skeptical. I thought for sure I’d snapped the cartridge off on the first day, but the price was right, the reviews were great, and the company offered a great LIFETIME warranty. I received my order a full two days before I was expecting it, filled up the cartridge immediately and started using it. It is the perfect vape pen for me. I was completely wrong about the flip-out cartridge. It is a durable, well-made product and I love that the USB charger is attached, so I don’t have to worry about losing it. I’ve toked about 200 times already and I’ll never use another company’s vape pen again. I’m recommending O2VAPE to all of my friends and family. Seriously, you guys rock!

    Russel H. Seattle
  • I have owned an O2Vape system for around a year now, and I have been very pleased with what I received. This review is about my recent interaction and order that I made to get more cartridges. I order a lot of things online, and it is not very often that I am surprised by the level of service that I receive. I was pleasantly surprised to receive my order within 24 hours of being placed despite not paying extra for overnight. I also made a special request that could have easily been ignored due to it being abnormal for most companies. Not only did they fulfill my request, but there was a handwritten note as well! This level of service goes above and beyond any of my expectations, as well as shows me that real people are handling my service and not just automated impersonal machines. My service has been one of the best experiences I have ever received online if not the best service ever, I will always remember this.

    Samual A Haslett MI
  • Once again, this company blew my mind with their customer service! First off... best products you'll find on the market. I have The Flip Platinum Edition - if you don't have one, Get one now! Then of course, my fave... The Nano.  I LOVE the new updated version of the Nano. Auto shut off  perfect for me. I had to replace my last Nano, and O2Vape had no questions or problems . I had received the replacement before they got the returned one from me. O2Vape, where have you been all my life!? Thank you so much!

    Jenn W. Worcester, Massachusetts
  • FANTASTIC PRODUCT! Of the batteries I have used, O2Vape is by far my favorite for battery life, power, and of course visual appeal. I recently purchased a replacement battery and I had some initial issues with the battery. After working with the customer service of O2Vape and Seth (name drop), I am more than happy to purchase again and again and recommend to friends and family. Though there might of been a slight hiccup in my personal product, it is the customer service that sets O2Vape apart from the rest! You have made me feel happy about my purchase, and helped me in my situation and find a solution in getting me what I need. If you want an amazing product backed by an amazing team then O2Vape is the place!

    Vince S. De Plains IL
  • Let's be honest, these batteries are pricey for what they are, HOWEVER, they do a great job and are probably the best on the market to date. I have 4 black buttonless batteries that I use for MMJ cartridges and they light up even the most demanding CCell cartridges. I was tired of tossing the smaller, made in China batteries that were constantly causing the cartridges to clog because they were underpowered and cheaply made. These batteries aren't even in the same league as those. And like I said, I have 4 black batteries (because I'm OCD about having backups and a charged battery on me at all times) and even picked up another over the Christmas season because of the wood grain finish which quickly helps me differentiate between strains. I've been using these for a few years now without any problems. As long as the 510 threaded cartridges are still in existence, I don't see why these batteries wouldn't last me damn near forever! – Rob

    Rob in Florida

Our Commitment to Safety

Since our inception, O2VAPE has had customer safety at the core of our company mission. Our motivation to innovate in the vaping industry is, and always has been, to provide a better alternative to combustion.

Our hardware has, and continues to surpass safety standards set by all US regulatory bodies placed on vaping hardware.  We rigorously test and ensure that every cartridge and battery beats the toughest regulatory standards across the USA for safety from heavy metal toxicity.

Our cartridges test to the lowest industry levels of heavy metals and are deemed safe by regulatory standards. Our battery designs include innovative safety features including auto on/off, buttonless operation, power limiters and battery protection.

We ensure transparency by publishing all test results on our site for our customers to review, and make informed decisions.  Go ahead and read our vape cartridge testing results.

Most importantly, we tightly control our supply chain in a unique manner that allows consistent safety of materials, design and operation. We are proud to be leading the industry in innovation and in safety and stand behind the safety of our products with complete transparency of our extensive testing.

Vape Pen Resources and Info

Vape Pen Battery Guide
toxic vape cartridges

O2VAPE manufactures and distributes high quality vape pen products to be used with the end buyers preference of extracted oils and essential oils.  We do not condone or recommend the usage of any illegal substance with our products and do not produce products intended for the use of any illicit substance.  Our vape oil pens, cartridges, wax pens and herbal vaporizers all come unfilled and are expected to be filled by the user with substances that are legal for use in their state.  To learn more about our products and our mission please read about O2VAPE.


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