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Finding quality vape oil cartridges for your vape pen can be difficult.  This is true whether you are just looking for a few empty cartridges to fill or if you need a greater volume of high quality cartridges for your companies vape oil products.  When you are filling a cartridge with your favorite oil, using a low quality vape cartridge can cost you big time.  That means you need to find a product with a history of performance and consistency.  Look no further than O2VAPE’s vape pen cartridges.

We have sold 100’s of thousands of vape cartridges and through our follow up communication with our valued customers we find that these products have a 99% success rate.

Our 510 cartridges are open source and can be used with the widest variety of vape pen batteries on the market. For more on 510 threads, read our definitive guide to 510 thread vape batteries.

We also go to great lengths to ensure that you can find the exact right vape cartridge for your needs.  This includes the most innovative products like our wickless, ceramic cell cartridges, cost effective and high quality glass vape cartridges, or poly carbonate.  One thing that you can expect with these cartridges is that they won’t leak when you are using the right oil and you know that you will be getting the absolute best quality hit. Your can taste the difference, just read the verified customer reviews.

If you have questions about which cartridge is right for you, whether you need 1 or 10,000 cartridges, just contact us for assistance.

We also supply vape oil manufacturers with vape cartridges wholesale.  Our hassle free wholesale service makes dealing with a supplier easy.  Just let us know the volume that you are looking for and we can get you a unit price back easily.  We offer low minimum orders, easy wholesale setup and high quality products with unmatched service.  In fact with our vape filling machines you can get everything that you need to scale your business.

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