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Make combustion a thing of the past with our new Duo Wax Pen.  These little wax vape pens pack a real punch with long life, high power vape batteries and options to vape, wax, shatter or high quality oils.  Get the absolute purest hit possible with our wax vape pens.

These wax pens work by utilizing a heating coil in a ceramic cartridges that you can fill with your best wax.  Pop the cap back on, turn it on and within seconds you are vaping the cleanest smoothest wax and shatter possible.  We even provide an awesome cleaning/ applicator/ dab tool that will make sure that you stay clean and the wax goes where it’s supposed to.  Out of Wax? No problem, unscrew the firmly attached atomizer and replace it with our oil cartridge attachment.

The great thing about the Duo wax vape pen is that you have so many options.  You can’t always get the wax that you want, but when it comes around you can use this pen to vape on.  Until then you can vape your amazing oils and shatter with the highest quality pen available.  Of course this pen is designed for use of legal botanicals or only in states that allow recreational usage.  The vape oil cartridges use 510 threads so just about any manufacturers cartridge will work.  Alternatively you can just fill the provided cartridge with your favorite thicker oils.  The ceramic coil cartridge heats to the perfect temperature to make your vaping experience clean and quality.

The look and feel makes this pen very nice and stylish as well.  It will fit perfectly in the palm of your hand, and has the high quality feel that you expect from O2VAPE.  So whether you’re looking to vape oil, wax, shatter or concentrate, this pen is going to give you a great hit and it’s going to LAST!!  Our user reviews come back saying that our vape pen batteries are the longest lasting on a single charge that they have ever used.  You also know that when you are buying from O2VAPE you are buying from a company that stands behind their products.  There is virtually no reason not to pick one of these awesome wax pens up today and get your free shipping and a lifetime warranty!
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