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PLEASE NOTE: Orders of 50 or 100 will ship without O2VAPE branding. If you would like to order higher volumes, please call (855) 978-6518


Our Full Ceramic Cartridges feature O2VAPE’s award winning ceramic cell technology with ceramic pole, tip and glass tube for premium quality vaping. 

Similar to your experience with the all glass cartridge, your oil never comes in contact with any metal surfaces. The metal 510 thread allows for conductivity that lets your battery power the internal heating coil and get to just the right temp. The consistency of the heating element means that you can use the same voltage that you would with our original ceramic cell carts.


Take your flavor to the next level with a variable voltage vape and the full ceramic cartridge. We have tested extensive iterations and design elements with all glass cartridges, finding that they were effected by issues like increased leakage, fragile glass, or poor performance. By taking our testing to the limits we found a winning combination that provides those looking for an alternative to cartridges containing any metals with the highest quality option.  While we make sure that everything you find on this site passes rigorous heavy metals testing, we also understand the draw for a cart that has no metal to touch your oil, at any point.

1ml size is perfect for a gram of oil straight from an applicator or vape filling machine.

For use with any 510 Thread Vape Pen Battery with 3.7 Volts or higher, including these best selling vape pens:

*Will not work with lower voltage batteries, such as our Original Buttonless Battery.


Get ready for the future of oil vape cartridges!  While everyone else has been catching up with the quality of our glass and ceramic vape cartridges, we have been continuing to perfect the puff with our cutting edge 510 thread ceramic vape cartridges.  That’s right, now you can continue using O2VAPE’s great vape products while going 100% ceramic and award winning wickless ceramic cell technology!


  • Internally heated ceramic element
  • Wickless and Coil-less design – your oil is heated directly from the ceramic element
  • For Aromatherapy purposes only

That means that you should screw this right on to the 510 thread of  our 3.7 volt button vape pen batteryFLIP Vape Pen, Variable Voltage Pen, then go ahead and rip the cleanest and smoothest tasting hit that you have experienced to date!

Check our guide on filling a vape cartridge. You’ll realize that the upgraded filling holes allows oil applicators to smoothly and easily fill without overflow or a sticky mess in the end.  The wide open mouth allows easy filling, even with the thickest oils.

If you are looking for a few cartridges for personal use you can go ahead and buy right now.  If you are looking for a larger number of cartridges for your business or brand we can also work with you in producing the most dependable logo vape cartridges.  Just contact us at our wholesale vape pen page.

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1 Cartridge, 2 Cartridges, 5 Cartridges, 10 Cartridges, 50 Cartridges, 100 Cartridges


1ml (1 gram), .5ml (.5 gram)


Black, White

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36 reviews for Full Ceramic 510 Vape Cartridges | O2V-AC

  1. UncleAl (verified owner)

    I’m very pleased with what may be the smallest product you
    make – the all-ceramic vape cart. The cart is well made and appears durable.
    No problems with the draw, I even like the graphics on the cart. If I need
    more empty carts I will definitely come back to your site.

    • O2VAPE

      Well thank you so much glad you like them ! Enjoy!

  2. Shane C. (verified owner)

    Has to be the most amazing cart I’ve used up to date I am deff sold on these they work amazing for super thick oil. I’m not sure if it is the hole size or the fact that it is ceramic but it vapes at the sweet spot for a not to hot pull that I’ve been DREAMING of can’t wait to order a ton more 😉

    • O2VAPE

      Thank you Shane enjoy!!

  3. Kurt V. (verified owner)

    One of my favorite cartridges. The ceramic coating keeps the oil tasting sweet. No heavy metals so no worries. Easy to fill and refill. I was able to fill it 3 times before the draw became difficult.

    • O2VAPE

      Thanks Kurt ! Glad you like them

  4. Amber (verified owner)

    This is the BEST cartridge (next to the all glass one by o2vape) on the market! Both are my favorite and I won’t smoke my oils through anything else now. The flavor is the best. You can’t taste anything but the tasty flavor of whatever you put into it. It’s sooo good.. the first hit from the all ceramic cart I just could taste so many different flavors I’d never experienced. The mouth piece tube can get a little clogged but it’s an easy fix.. I’d recommend this product to anyone. It’s amazing. If you buy it you won’t regret it if you are looking for a quality cartridge for quality oils!!

  5. Tony M. (verified owner)

    I use very thick distillate and these carts are the best… ive used all other carts out there and this is the best.. lil pricy but worth it!

    • O2VAPE

      Thank you Tony, Enjoy!

  6. Martin J G. (verified owner)

    From price to longevity the switch to O2vape products has been a positive one; I’m spending less on replacement cartridges that are lasting longer.

    • O2VAPE

      Thank you Martin!

  7. G (verified owner)

    Best cartridge on the market by far. Amazing taste, airflow and quality. I use it in combination with the veri-vape.
    Medical grade concentrates are precious, they deserve the same level of quality and performance found in these cartridges.
    I will be buying more.
    Thanks again!

    • O2VAPE

      Thanks G! Vape on!

  8. Jason (verified owner)

    Great purchase. Very well made. Excellent customers services. Highly recommended.

    • Dana E. Shoched

      Thanks Jason!

  9. Mr. Hough (verified owner)

    Top of the line Full Ceramic Cart that holds up to its standards. Job well done. Such good flavor and a smooth hit every time 🙌🏽 Hope these will be available for a long time.

    • Dana E. Shoched

      Why Thank yo so much enjoy!

  10. Doug (verified owner)

    My only regret is not buying more. These draw so nice and are a breeze to fill.

    • Dana E. Shoched

      Thanks Doug enjoy!

  11. Mad Thug (verified owner)

    Excellent taste, great quality

  12. Thomas S. (verified owner)

    Best refillable cartridge I’ve found so far. I get about 3-5 refills before any leaks. They work great.

    • Dana E. Shoched

      Thank you and VAPE ON!

  13. Thomas S. (verified owner)

    Ceramic is the way to go. Hits are clean n tasty. No metal flavor.

    • Dana E. Shoched

      Thanks Thomas Enjoy!

  14. Mayan (verified owner)

    These are great cartridges! They have great customer service and a quality product that’s refillable! You can’t ask or look for better!

    • Dana E. Shoched

      Thank you so much! Enjoy!!

  15. Gwenelle P. (verified owner)

    After looking high and low for something that is even comparable to this, I made the plunge and purchased. I’ve made a few orders and each time they were shipped expeditiously. These are the best ceramic carts on the market. The costumer service is unparalleled! Everyone I recommend these to is grateful to finally have clean meds that have a fantastic flavor. I can’t wait to try the all-glass carts!

    • Dana E. Shoched

      Thank you so much and welcome to the family! VAPE ON!

  16. Guy A. (verified owner)

    I have only used it a couple time’s so far but it’s a amazing cartridge.. It’s well made and looks great with the graphics.. I’m putting in a order for the Flip battery next week.. Fast shipping ..

    • Dana E. Shoched

      Thank you !

  17. Jay G (verified owner)

    This is THE Best company in e products and service I have dealt.

    • Dana E. Shoched

      WOW Thank you so much Jay.. I will pass that along!

  18. Brian (verified owner)

    The best cart I have used to date! Excellent flavour and has not plugged.

    • Dana E. Shoched

      Thanks Brian!

  19. Jeremy S. (verified owner)

    Great Product! Price mark is good. I’ve bought 10 or so no problems, ships on time delivery usually no longer than a work week. Would highly recommend, as I will be a returning customer.

    • Dana E. Shoched

      Thanks Jeremy , welcome to the O2 family!

  20. Dar P (verified owner)

    Great for use with thick oils. Exceptionally made. These will be my go to carts from now on.

    • Dana E. Shoched

      Thank you Dar! VAPE ON!

  21. Mike P. (verified owner)

    Decided it was time to make my own rosin carts and after doing some research I found these carts were most ideal. Built a single and have loved the performance. No leaking, actually burns through the thick beginner oil I made, and overall has a nice design.

  22. Bobby E. jr. (verified owner)

    i love these ceramic carts they hit great im a medical marijuana patient and i put rso in my carts they hit great way better than the other carts ive tried these will be the only kind i buy from now on and they look cool but 5 stars rating def. and recommend these to anybody.

    • Dana E. Shoched

      Thank you Bobby! So glad we can help you !

  23. Marty F. (verified owner)

    So far they work very good definitely will buy them again soon. Also impressed with the fast shipping to Alaska

    • Dana E. Shoched

      Thanks Marty 🙂

    • Dana E. Shoched

      Thanks Marty!

  24. Michael (verified owner)

    Excellent cartridge. Looks cool too.

    • Dana E. Shoched

      🙂 Enjoy!

  25. Marinos (verified owner)

    Like the all glass carts u guys have, these all ceramic carts are the next best thing after the glassed ones in my experience. I have tried other brands all ceramic but these are by far the best ones out there!

    • Dana E. Shoched

      Wow! Thanks so much and I concur!

  26. JW (verified owner)

    Just the best cartridges I’ve ever had

    • Dana E. Shoched

      Thanks JW!

  27. Joshua B. (verified owner)

    Best Carts on the Market right now!!! Innovative design, sleek look, and healthy alternative to metal Carts. I fully support 02VAPE!! This was a GREAT investment for myself. Thank You Guys, Honestly.

    • Dana E. Shoched

      Thanks Joshua! Welcome to the family!

  28. Mike G (verified owner)

    Great. Will buy this again.

    • Dana E. Shoched

      Thanks Mike!

  29. Cisco s (verified owner)

    These cartridges are absolutely the best. You taste flavors and the draw is great. The site mentions not pairing with the button less vape pen but I did anyways. It’s better than my old 510 batteries and I’ve been through countless due to preferences. Will be buying carts from you in the future

  30. Tony S. (verified owner)

    Insane design…the best cart I ever used! Extremely ez to clean. Paper clip straight through and Alcohol.
    So, after continual dropping, it cracked.
    This gave me the chance to dissect the cart…
    Amazing genius or a gift from ET? lol
    If anyone can find a better one – Please let me know!

    • Dana E. Shoched

      Thanks Tony— Now stop dropping them ! Try our all glass carts with variable air flow next !! ET phone home 🙂

  31. Wiliam R. H. (verified owner)

    no burnt taste love them

  32. Mike S. (verified owner)

    I ordered 4 different carts, trying to find the right cart for me. This cart and the all glass cart with variflow are my two favorites out of the 4 I purchased. I agree with all of the reviews before mine which were all 5 Stars. Thanks for the no hassle shipping as well as be fast. Keep up the fine work you do for all of us thc consumers out there

    • Dana E. Shoched

      Thank you Mike !

  33. Jake

    These did not work well with flower live rosin. They are well constructed and high quality. With that being said the all glass cart is the ticket for my flower rosin. O2 customer service and quality of products is unmatched. I will be doing my business with O2

  34. Mark W. (verified owner)

    Good quality Carts. I would recommend to anyone looking for a reliable refillable cart to pay a little more and get the O2 Carts. I have filled all of them and so far, no leaks or issues. One has been used and refilled twice also without any issues. I only make carts for family, and close friends that need a better way to manage pain.

    I had been purchasing my carts (all ceramic, cost was about $3) from another supplier and had nothing but problems, cracked glass, battery contact post falling out, leaking (Even with thicker oil) and the worst part is I advised them of the issues to better their products without asking for replacements or a refund and I did not get a reply.

    • Dana E. Shoched

      Thank you Mark and sorry you had issues with you last supplier but so glad you found us!

  35. rick (verified owner)

    great carts. works great with thick oil. smooth.
    shipping was fast to

  36. David (verified owner)

    I got the decoy and absolutely loved it, the battery was just a bit small for me. So I grabbed the Vari-Vape 900. Sadly, it had a defective battery; but customer support had a replacement sent out promptly. Amazing service, great products. Highly recommend! Love the ceramic 510 carts too!

    • Dana E. Shoched

      Thank you Davide and that’s how we do things over here at O2 🙂

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