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Working With a Vape Cartridge Wholesaler

As the vaporizer market continues to expand, the growing number of companies and manufacturers entering the vape industry makes it increasingly difficult to differentiate top quality products from lackluster alternatives. Even worse, choosing the wrong vape cartridge on your own can mean failing testing and getting pulled off of shelves, or just ending up with a bad end product.  That’s why wholesale customers like oil extractors, distillate and CBD companies can find a real business advantage working with a wholesaler that specializes in providing help with sourcing branding and guiding the product selection process.  The quality of the end product is hugely reliant on the quality of cartridge, the vape pen battery or the product packaging itself.

The risks of buying bad cartridges, for instance, range from poor taste to high fail rates, leaking products that you can no longer sell and even carts that fail testing and never make it to market.  This represents a high cost risk that can only be avoided with reliable wholesale sourcing.

Many new businesses entering the industry make the mistake of trying to source themselves only to find it to be a more involved process then anticipated.  A natural move towards working with a vape cartridge wholesale sourcing specialist is common.  These wholesale experts help to handle product sourcing, shipping and customs, quality assurance, and all of the other aspects that determine the success rate of their product with the end user.  Some such as ourselves, also provide branding services and strategic consulting. Any reputable sourcing agent will be running independent heavy metals testing to ensure that the cartridge will not be an issue when batch testing prior to hitting shelves.

At O2VAPE, not only do we specialize in offering the top vaporizer products on the market through our retail arm, we also focus on building long lasting relationships with our wholesale customers through premium sourcing services.  We consistently aim to reduce pricing and increase product quality on a wide range of products, including custom vape pens, wholesale cartridges, 510 thread batteries and offer both wholesale sourcing or co-branding with added benefits.

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What to Expect in a Wholesaler

There are a few universal benefits to purchasing vape products directly from a wholesaler, particularly in regard to pricing and product stock. Make sure you choose to work with a company that strives to go beyond simply supplying the products.  A sourcing partner will provide customers with the optimal experience and risk mitigation by offering a service rep for your account and walking you through each step. We have customer service representatives on standby throughout the business week, waiting to answer your calls and accommodate your needs. 

First and foremost, wholesale customers should always demand to receive quality assurance to ensure increased product quality. The wholesaler should operate as the quality control intermediary, preventing customers from being stuck with poor quality, inferior, improperly branded or simply wrong products. For instance, wholesalers could face unforeseen profit loss from bad cartridges, which tend to use oil inefficiently and drive up prices for oil extractors. Additionally, poor quality products will lead to negative customer reviews, an issue that could snowball into a major hindrance for customer relations and impact the perception of their brands adversely. 

A great wholesale sourcing partner solves these potential pitfalls by ensuring increased product afety, success rates and cutting edge products like full ceramic and all glass cartridges that blow away the big name manufacturers in terms of end quality. By receiving the best 510 cartridges on the market, vape oil companies will always provide optimal taste and effectiveness, which in turn makes certain that your customers will continue to come back.

Top Benefits of Having a Wholesale Partner

Not all wholesale sourcing partners are created the same. In this business you need seasoned experts with insider knowledge of the ever-changing vaporizer market and a refined importation and fulfillment process. Working with O2VAPE means you will be on the inside track regarding:

  • Outsourced handling of all logistics.  We have processes in place to ensure sourcing goes smoothly
  • Knowledge of local product requirements
  • Wholesale sourcing SAVES YOU TIME! Choosing to outsource this work to a professional means you can focus your time on improving your business
  • Finding the right cartridge for your specific oil and application re-intake hole sizes and technology
  • Early access to new products and technologies
  • Inside information to help avoid pitfalls and costly mistakes
  • Outsourced customs management, shipping and fulfillment
  • Figuring out the best times to order around the year, whether Chinese New Year may cause delays or other extraneous circumstances.
  • Accurately projecting product arrival times & forecasting for production
  • Inventory on hand to enable lower MOQ orders (minimum order quantities)
  • Easy client account on boarding and “No Hassle Setup”
  • Enabling your company to scale easier with a strategic partner
  • Priority order fulfillment with manufacturers
  • Professional mockups of your branded product typically within 1 business day
  • Professional packaging design options to launch your product and get attention

Our wholesale services will allow your company to focus its attention on growth. Leave the product sourcing to us, and we will streamline the wholesale process, saving your business time, money, and stress while mitigating your risk.

Alongside this insider knowledge also comes secure relationships with vape product manufacturers, which ultimately ends up benefiting wholesale customers. Our alliance with various factories and manufacturers leads to priority orders and direct communication with vape product producers.    

Another primary advantage of using O2VAPE as a wholesale supplier is the ability to offer product customization for customers. Our platform offers a wide range of branding opportunities, including product packaging and knowledge of specific legal requirements.

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Pitfalls of Self Sourcing

There is no arguing that the prices of finding your own factory, applying through alibaba, dhgate or another third party void of service and knowledge will probably get you a better price.  The savings come at the expense of service.  There is an  untold story of the costs incurred from bad products, customs, shipping, hassle of setup, communication barrier or lack of the option to communicate, the high MOQ’s and the an unending list of other potential pitfalls.  One of the most important aspects of our service is the ability to mitigate risk for our customers. O2VAPE will deal with all of the pesky issues that could end up being detrimental to a company’s success. Potential issues with shipping delays, customs, and product defects can be extremely costly to your oil extraction business. 

Needless to say, at O2VAPE, we see wholesalers as much more than just another customer that we supply the best vape products to. In fact, we view each oil extraction or CBD oil company as an vital partner that is paramount not only to our own success, but also the overall success of the ever-growing vaporizer industry.   We will help you succeed and earn your business. By doing that we hope to become your sourcing partner for a long time to come, that way we all enjoys the successes together.

What To Expect: The Wholesale Process

  • Contact Us

    Click the icon to call our Wholesale vape representative and start the process. 1-855-978-6518

  • Provide Order Info

    What products do you need? What is the volume of your order? Is this for logo vape pens or co-branded? This information helps us get you the best price, the first time.

  • Allow 24 Hours for a Quote

    That's right, we can turn around your quote that quickly. Possibly even while we are on the phone with you!

  • Provide Logo For Product Mockups

    We will turn around your mockups in 2 business days. Once approved we can start production.

  • Receive Your Order Quickly

    In stock orders take no longer than 2-5 business days to arrive. Custom vape cartridges, logo vape batteries, or custom vape pens get mockups turned around in 1-2 days!

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