Cartridge Filling Machines

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Selecting a reliable vape cartridge filling machine can allow you to reduce wasted oil, increase your production time by up to 10X and package consistent volumes efficiently.

Hand filling cartridges wastes valuable time and legitimate packaging processes require a technological advantage to compete on oil cartridge shelf price and vape product consistency.  Many clients are finding that the way vape cartridge filling machines allow you to scale your production has been a key factor in allowing them to handle the increased demand for their product without sacrificing margins to high labor costs.  All of our machines are built in the U.S.A. and we have a wide range to choose from depending on your specific needs.  We even have machines that are specifically made to fill premium glass vape cartridges.

While we can’t list the prices of our machines on the site, we can provide an immediate quote over the phone at 855-978-6518 or get response through wholesale support.

If you are looking for vape cartridges wholesale to fill volume with a cartridge filling machine, we suply the highest volume at the most competitive prices.  Please reach out to get volume pricing and we can help you improve your vape oil business with the tools you need to maximize your margins without sacrificing quality.

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