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Are you a manufacturer looking to increase your production?  Scalability is an issue in all manufacturing businesses and the easiest way to lower cost, increase profit margin and meet demand is by utilizing cutting edge innovations.  In your case, high volume cartridge filling technology.

Our vape cartridge filling machines are made in the USA and are available for special order by contacting us.  If interested in the best vape cartridge filler on the market CALL 855-978-6518 FIRST FOR A QUOTE!!

Our system utilizes a semi automatic piston filler that is used to fill vape oil cartridges with precise amounts of oil, or other semi viscous liquid. No matter if you are filling small cartridges with .25ml or giants vape cartridges at 2ml this filler can be dialed in to perfection with simple settings.

We even have options depending on how automated you would like your process to be.   Are you taking the next step in automation but don’t require a fully autonomous unit?

If you are buying vape cartridges wholesale from us then this product is worth the investment.  It will pay for itself in the cost of labor and will ensure consistency of filling for all of your product line.

For more information -contact us here-

HotShot™ Pro Highlights

      • All New HotShot™ Pro Motor capable of filling 16,000 carts or pods in an 8-hour day
      • Fill carts up to 2 grams / ml with a single click
      • Simple 4 Screw Motor Removal for Ease of Service and Maintenance
      • All New User Interface with new One Touch Clean and Purge Features
      • New Ultra Precision Anova Pro Heating Element with state of the art Temperature Control system
      • Engineered, Manufactured, Assembled and Serviced in the USA

HotShot™ Pro Includes

      • The HotShot Pro Filling Machine
      • Two 50 Count Cartridge Speed Trays
      • One 1000ml Oil Tank
      • Includes a component kit containing injection needles, replacement valves, replacement heat transfer fluid, micro oil filters, and tools necessary for system setup and maintenance.

HotShot™ Pro Plus Bundle Includes

      • One Additional HotShot™ Pro Motor – for Zero Downtime
      • One 100 Count Cartridge Speed Tray – for the Pro User
      • One Additional 1000ml Oil Tank – for Swapping Batches Easy
      • Lifetime Maintenance Discount – 66% Off HotShot™ Pro Motor maintenance discount from $299 to $99.

Purchase Requirements

      • We require an ACH bank transfer for all HotShot Machine transactions
      • We require a signed purchase agreement for all HotShot Machine transactions



All-New HotShot™ Pro Cartridge Filler Machine

The All New Upgraded HotShot™ Pro

Introducing the new HotShot™ Pro. CoolJarz’s highly acclaimed cartridge filler machine just got better with an all-new upgrade. The HotShot™ Pro has a brand new plug-and-play motor, a completely redesigned User Interface, an updated heating element, and a 1000 ml capacity tank. These upgrades were made to create an even more efficient filling process for your business. For even more added value, we’ve given the option to add our HotShot™ Pro Plus Bundle. This bundle includes an additional plug-and-play HotShot™ Pro Motor, 1000ml tank, 100 count speed tray, and a lifetime discount on HotShot™ Pro motor maintenance. These items and services can equal several thousand dollars over a lifetime and we’re offering them for this new one-time

HotShot™ Pro Plus Bundle

HotShot™ Pro Plus Bundle

We came up with the HotShot™ Pro Plus Bundle to create a system where HotShot owners could easily keep their cartridge filling operation running as smoothly as possible. The Plus Bundle includes an additional HotShot™ Pro plug-and-play motor that has been made easily replaceable for the end user to send out for maintenance when needed. Dislodge 4 screws and unplug the motor cable. That’s it! This way, HotShot operators can keep their machines running and you can keep production going with no hiccups. To go along with that, in this bundle CoolJarz offers a lifetime discount on future motor maintenance fees cutting the $299 price tag to a low $99. This could mean a couple thousand dollars in savings over a lifetime.

HotShot™ Pro - Accelerated More Powerful Engine

Accelerated, More Powerful Engine

The premiere feature of our new HotShot™ Pro is the all-new motor. The new motor is more compact and simpler to remove and install. The new motor may be smaller but we didn’t compromise power. The HotShot™ Pro’s motor is more efficient and capable of running thicker concentrates at even higher speeds than our previous model. The HotShot™ Pro motor has also become easier to replace for routine maintenance. By removing 4 screws you’ll be able to remove the motor for maintenance. Send just the motor in for routine factory maintenance. Putting it back in is just as easy and we’ve made it so just about anyone can follow this quick process. Check out our instructional video here.

Fill Up to 2 Gram Cartridges

Specifically designed for maximum productivity, our advanced technology allows you to fill 2-gram cartridges with just a simple click. No more mess, no more waste, just flawless, reliable filling every time. Experience the blend of cutting-edge engineering and user-friendly design that guarantees fast, accurate fills, propelling your business to greater heights. With the CoolJarz HotShot Pro, you’re not just improving your production line, you’re embracing a revolution in cartridge-filling technology.

HotShot™ Pro - Brand New Touch Screen Interface

Brand New Touch Screen Interface

The HotShot™ Pro’s new user interface now comes with one-touch buttons to clean and purge your HotShot System for simple daily maintenance. Once you are done filling for the day, simply touch the purge feature. The HotShot™ Pro will automatically empty excess material left in the system making it ready for the next work day. After each batch of material, simply fill the tank with 2 ounces of MCT oil or Isopropyl and touch the clean feature to cycle out any remaining material. These features were im ortant for us to add because having a clean HotShot™ Pro is the best way to keep it running smoothly and makes the cleaning process that much easier.

HotShot™ Pro - State of the Art Heating Technology

State of the Art Heating Technology

The HotShot™ Pro features a newly updated heating element made for the utmost control in heating your product. The ANOVA Pro heating element grants precision accuracy allowing you to adjust the temperature in increments as small as 0.09 degrees Fahrenheit. The exterior is made entirely of stainless steel and Teflon-coated aluminum, making its durability second to none. ANOVA is renowned for its advanced heating technology and prides itself on being a leader in consumer devices made for professionals in their field.

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