Vape Filling Machine

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Are you a manufacturer looking to increase your production?  Scalability is an issue in all manufacturing businesses and the easiest way to lower cost, increase profit margin and meet demand is by utilizing cutting edge innovations.  In your case, high volume cartridge filling technology.

Our vape cartridge filling machines are made in the USA and are available for special order by contacting us.  If interested in the best vape cartridge filler on the market CALL 855-978-6518 FIRST FOR A QUOTE!!

Our system utilizes a semi automatic piston filler that is used to fill vape oil cartridges with precise amounts of oil, or other semi viscous liquid. No matter if you are filling small cartridges with .25ml or giants vape cartridges at 2ml this filler can be dialed in to perfection with simple settings.

We even have options depending on how automated you would like your process to be.   Are you taking the next step in automation but don’t require a fully autonomous unit?

If you are buying vape cartridges wholesale from us then this product is worth the investment.  It will pay for itself in the cost of labor and will ensure consistency of filling for all of your product line.

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1 review for Vape Filling Machine

  1. Matthew V.

    they’re great