Wickless Vape Cartridges


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You have found the pinnacle of vape pen cartridge quality.  By adding wickless ceramic vape cartridges to your 3.7 volt vape pen you will be experiencing nothing but the purest vapor from your extracted oil or e-juice.  O2 VAPE tested and tested and tested.  We went through many variations and finally found the perfect pairing of voltage, resistance and voltage so that you can perfectly heat your oil and treat yourself to a flavorful taste that has no comparison.

These wickless vape cartridges come in a variety of volumes, feature a strong glass container and utilize our no leak technology that keeps your oil where it is supposed to be.  You need to know that these cartridges are special and that means that they require a specific vape battery.  Our 3.7 volt O2vape button activated vape battery, the O2VAPE DUO battery or the O2 FLIP will all work with these cartridges however the original buttonless vape pen batteries are not recommended due to the difference in voltage and the resistance of these cartridges.  If you want to replace a cartridge for these popular pens we recommend our original glass vape cartridges or any of our original high quality no leak vape cartridges.

Take a look and order a few to test out, or contact us for wholesale vape cartridges or logo cartridges and know that you are dealing with a company that fully stands behind their products and goes the extra mile to take the hassle and risk out of sourcing vape cartridges.