O2VAPE FLIP PLATINUM EDITION – Auto On/ Off, Variable Voltage


At O2VAPE we take quality and innovation in vape pens VERY seriously.  That is why we have designed the Patent Pending Flip Vape Platinum Edition to improve on our industry leading Original Flip Vape Pen.  If you have seen another key fob style concealable vape pen, rest assured it can’t compare with the all new Exclusive Flip Vape Platinum Edition. We have really out done ourselves and built the ultimate in discreet, protective and concealable oil vape pens.

Here’s what makes this one of a kind vape pen the best in the industry:

  • Automatic On / Off safety feature means it won’t turn on when closed in your pocket or purse
  • Variable Voltage settings for any type of vape cartridge or oil
  • Award winning 510 thread wickless ceramic cartridge with round mouth piece included
  • The only right handed Flip design on the market
  • Built in USB charger.  NEVER lose or carry a charger or charging wire again.


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Why is the vape nation flipping out about this pen?

Buy For Life:

Lifetime Warranty on your battery*  (see details here)lifetime warranty vape penNever Break Another Cartridge:

Concealed quick click cartridge ensures safe keeping of your juice or oil

510 thread flip closed

Simplify your Vape Pen Kit:

Built in USB means you never have to carry, lose or buy a charger or a charging cord again!

vape pen built in charger

Highly Compatible:

510 compatible vape battery means you can use your favorite cartridge or fill any of ours

ceramic cartridge flip vape

Variable Voltage:

Choose your vape temp for the perfect puff with ANY cartridge!

variable voltage settings

Award Winning Wickless Ceramic Cartridge:

.5ml Wickless Ceramic cartridge included with every purchase.  Winner of 2017 Midwest High Times Best Vape Cartridge.Vape Cartridge Award

Convenient to Carry:

Key chain loop big enough for mini carabiner

O2VAPE Flip Platinium

Perfect for an active lifestyle of hiking, snowboarding, mountain biking without risking cartridge damage.

It just feels good to “FLIP”!


Instructions for using the O2VAPE FLIP Platinum Oil Vape Pen:

Choosing Variable Voltage:

  • The Flip Platinum has 3 variable voltage options.  Green is 3.3V, Yellow is 3.7V and Red is 4.3V.  Choose the right temp for your cartridge and oil by tapping the power button 3 times.  

Turning it on and off:

  • The Flip Platinum automatically enables the power button when you flip the cartridge out.  Then flip it back in and the battery will automatically turn off again.  No need to click a bunch of times to turn on or off anymore!  It’s that easy!

Filling the Glass Vape Cartridge:


  • Press and hold the power button while cartridge  has been flipped out in order to activate vaping .  The LED light will light up while activated. 


  • Pull out the built in USB charger and connect it to your computers usb port or to an optional usb wall charger.   Light is RED when charging and when fully charged the LED light will turn green.  Remove the usb and push it back into the body of the vape battery.

Other Tips and Tricks:

  • Use any O2VAPE vape cartridges for best quality puff and low leakage
  • If you reach the 15 second limit the battery will go into a short protection mode to ensure safe vaping.  Please be patient if for some reason you actually hit the 15 second mark.
  • Fold the cartridge back into battery to prevent battery drain and accidental use
  • Always use a cartridge made for the thickness of oil that you are choosing.  That will limit any chance of leaks and ensure the best quality puff


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Number of Vape Pens

One Flip Platinum, (2) Two Flip Platinums


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