Vari-Vape: Variable Voltage Battery w/ 510 Thread | 4 Colors

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  • 510 Thread Vape Pen Battery
  • Variable Voltage from 3.3V to 4.8V
  • 310 mAH for perfect size and battery life mix
  • Ships same day if ordered by 2:00 EST
  • Discounts on volume orders, see our wholesale vape pens page
  • Available in a slim Variable Voltage vape kit or premium vape pen kit
  • To mix color choices on 2, 4 or 10 packs please include preference in the note section upon ordering
  • For Aromatherapy purposes only
  • Not for use with NICOTINE E-LIQUID


  • Variable voltage Vape Pen Battery
  • Special USB Charger



About the O2VAPE Vari-Vape:

Finally, get the quality associated with O2VAPE’s lifetime warranty backed batteries and the convenience of a variable voltage pen that will work with all of your 510 thread cartridges.  With a variable voltage from 3.3V to 4.8V this battery provides the ultimate in vape pen adjustability.

The Vari-Vape variable voltage vape pen battery allows you to dial in exactly the right amount of power for your ultimate vaping pleasure.  Whether you are looking to get a smooth easy pull off of a traditional polycarbonate cartridge or if you are using a ceramic vape cartridge and looking for enough power for a big cloud, and the cleanest hit available on the market, this vape pen battery can do it.


Think this pen is like the others?  Ask them for a lifetime warranty.  We stand behind the quality because we don’t mess around like other brands.  We test and test until we know we have the right components and a long lasting life.  Then we back it up with a lifetime warranty that will allow you to stick with the O2VAPE family.  We want satisfied customers, and this is our way of making sure that you buy with confidence.


It comes with the specially designed usb charger for this battery with every order as well.  While the pen uses a 510 thread, this charger is specially made to charge a stronger lithium ion battery and has a design that will work specifically with this battery. When charging the usb light will be red and green when charged. Please click the button 5 times to turn on and off and hold the button down to get that perfect puff!

*To reduce damage to the battery, Do not use a rapid charger usb or charger that is not made for this product.

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Weight N/A
Number Of Vape Batteries

One (1) Vape Battery, Two (2) Vape Batteries, Four (4) Vape Batteries, Ten (10) Vape Batteries


Rugged Black, Steel, Rose Gold, Rugged Wood

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70 reviews for Vari-Vape: Variable Voltage Battery w/ 510 Thread | 4 Colors

  1. K (verified owner)

    I’ve been using o2vape products for the last 3 years, and this one certainly doesn’t disappoint! I love the fact that it allows you to change the voltage, and it’s extremely sleek and discreet. Will be a lifelong customer.

    • O2VAPE

      Why thank you so much! And Thanks for your business!

  2. Cris P. (verified owner)

    Bought two of these. Black and the Silver version. Been using them both for a few weeks and they work great. The variable temperatures seem to be working as intended and it helps that they’re really sleek looking batteries. I like the unconventional “dial” to change the temperature and was uneasy about changing the temperature this way but haven’t had an issue so far! Their customer service is also great. Called them when I thought USPS had messed up my order by giving wrong tracking info but my package got to me the next day. Hate USPS’ unreliability but love the batteries so far 🙂

  3. Andrew (verified owner)

    Awesome product. Definitely a quality piece that delivers great results. Only bought one to see how I like it, but will definitely be purchasing more. Well worth the extra few dollars you’ll spend versus one of the cheap knockoffs

    • O2VAPE

      Thanks Andrew!

  4. Danny (verified owner)

    I have been frustrated with other pens, lack of battery life per charge, uneven heating etc. Bought the O2 vape pen and have been very happy with it. The adjustable voltage seems to give you a bigger jumping off point if you like. Very happy so far, have tossed all my other pens. This is a winner at a reasonable price.

  5. David H. (verified owner)

    I have had mine for three days now and love it. I like bumping up the temp sometimes so that’s very handy. Thanks, DH

  6. brandon (verified owner)

    Works great. Best one I’ve used yet and I don’t usually write reviews. Long battery life is a huge plus.

  7. Ken B. (verified owner)

    Great product as always.

    • O2VAPE

      Thanks Ken!

  8. KyleGiaminelli (verified owner)

    You will not be disappointed

  9. Bill W.

    I love this o2vape you have a real good product. Best birthday gift ever!!!! @Bill41 on MassRoots!!

    • O2VAPE

      Great so glad you like it & Happy BDAY!

  10. Kevin

    O2 Vape VARI VAPE vs CCELL palm? I’ve had my O2VAPE for about 1 month now it still performs excellent!! Well I let my curiosity get the best of me and bought the damn palm battery. Was talked into getting the battery seeing as I use CCELL cartridges and that combined would make it all taste better and last longer! That’s what got me! Will the oil LAST LONGER! Holy shit! It definitely DID NOT LAST longer at all!! It is cool and convenient and no button and descent battery life of around 350mAh? Anyways, the new CCELL palm battery has already stopped working after 2 days?!! RUBBISH! Plus it so sucks through my thick ass pure distillate I fill my carts with! Also for some reason which ppl will say I was hitting it too hard but I wasn’t seeing as I love the fact of not having to heat it long and still get a descent puff. Remember it’s 92.2%. So a couple puffs and ur good! O2VAPE still working GREAT and very reliable w/ no issues at all and it does do it’s job of conserving your oil unlike the supposed new tech of a CCELL battery working best w/ CCELL cartridges. I can’t find a reliable answer for this question. The palm rubs at 3-7volts! No wonder you get big clouds!! So as long as 3.3 volts works for my distillate, it’s the obvious choice and DEFINITELY BETTER AT CONSERVING AND MAKING YOUR OIL LAST AS LONG AS YOU WOULD WANT IT TOO!! AWESOME PRODUCT!! I wish I had more of your batteries to review!. Vape on peeps

    • O2VAPE

      Thank you Kevin for the great review !

  11. Kevin

    Awesome product!

  12. Rig O. (verified owner)

    I bought this earlier in the week and it arrived yesterday via the mail man. It is awesome and I'm really digging the variable voltage. Get one!

  13. Lili (verified owner)

    SO pleased with this pen!! The shipping was very fast and it came with discreet packaging- which was unexpected but I appreciated it. It arrived charged as well. I’ve been using it for about a week and I’m really impressed with both the battery capacity and the voltage dial. I ordered the rose gold color which is surprisingly gorgeous too. Highly recommended!!

  14. alex (verified owner)

    I got one of these a few months ago- silver for me, and rose gold for the wife. These little bad boys are great, for the first time in my life I actually wanted something that was rose gold. Don’t let the name fool you! Yes it is rose gold, but the color is somewhere between bronze and rose gold. Don’t tell the wife, but I think I look better holding it than she does. I ended up giving the silver one to a buddy and now I’m here wondering which one to get: woody or rose gold. The matte black with its soft texture also feels great. Decisions, decisions. While buttonless are nice, O2Vs vari-vapes are my favorite battery, hands down.

  15. brittley413 (verified owner)

    Just got my battery on Saturday and I absolutely LOVE it! The shipping was extremely fast and so far it has exceeded my expectations in design and function. I used to like my Old Spinner 2 battery but it was a bit bulky and would break easily. Now that I have found these products as long as the quality is consistent I will be a O2 vape customer for life!

    • O2VAPE

      Thank you so much for your business and kind words! Remember, you also have a unconditional lifetime warranty if you have any issues 🙂

  16. Semiosam (verified owner)

    The combination of good service, a fair price and an excellent battery equals a very satisfied customer.

  17. pasportyxlc (verified owner)

    I haven’t had this long so I can really only review the quality and customer experience. Build quality is very good (This isn’t like the one’s at your corner gas station). Turns on and off easily without the fear of a random “pocket vape”. I ended up buying the case afterwards, I recommend getting it as a set….awesome kit! I live in the same state so shipping was really fast and my questions were answered quickly. The guarantee and workmanship set this apart A+++

    • O2VAPE

      Why thank you so much ! Glad you love it !

  18. Mike P (verified owner)

    Awesome Batt Great quality. Not surprised for O2

  19. John Y.

    Works as advertised!

  20. Lens (verified owner)

    Great product. Long lasting.

  21. David Johnston (verified owner)

    I saw your email requesting a review in my in box and rather than just blather about uncontrollably, I decided it would be better if I wrote something in Word and then cut and paste.
    Background: about a year and a half ago I decided to try vaping. As a child of the 60s and 70s I had occasionally cooked some herb into a favorite chili or brownie recipe but straight combustion of decidedly (by today’s standards) inferior weed was the norm. So as I began to immerse into the 21st Century version of my favorite herb, the topic of vaping presented itself. I have tried and liked a few different styles and brands of pens and more than a few brands and styles of vaping oil. I came across your company in a Google search and was immediately intrigued both by the apparent quality of the product, but also its affordability.
    Even so, I was not prepared for the incredible way this vape oil pen performs. Thick oil, thin oil, different voltages: just amazing! Can’t say enough good things about my experience except to say keep up the good work and the quality.
    Oh, since that first purchase around a month ago I have purchased and received a 2nd oil pen (backup and using different voltages), and have an herb vaporizer purchased and in transit as I am looking for ways to keep these 68 year old lungs working strongly.
    Thanks again,
    Dave J.

    • O2VAPE

      WOW DAVE! Thank you so much for the very kind words, if it were not for people like you we would not be here!

  22. Donna R. (verified owner)

    The variable power is great so you can adjust the setting to what you like. Also very well made. I’ve tried less expensive pens that have already broken. But my O2VAPE pen is still going strong.

  23. Don C (verified owner)

    I ordered two, one in wood and one rose gold. They seem to be well made and work great. I would not hesitate to buy again.

    • O2VAPE

      Thanks Don!

  24. David J. (verified owner)

    Very cool that I get a chance to put in another 2 cents worth about this great company. I purchased the 2nd 510 pen ao that I would always have a full charged pen ready to go. The more I use your 510 pens, varying voltage to test results, using on different styles of oil, O2VAPE continues to perform well above expectations. And those older, almost all used up carts that may have 1 more puff… use the highest settings to extract those last 5-10 puffs!! Keep up the great work y’sll!

  25. Bill T (verified owner)

    Great product. The only thing keeping it from getting a five star is the fact that I did not get a shipping notification as promised.

    • O2VAPE

      Hello Bill thanks for the review! Not sure why you did not get a shipping notification as that is automatically generated by the shipping software? Maybe it went to you junk folder? Anyway thanks again!

  26. Frank (verified owner)

    Love love love this pen! I’m not too versed with vape pens but this is very smooth looks good and I love having the voltage twist at the bottom instead of having to use the bottom. Price is great for the quality as well.

    • O2VAPE

      Thanks Frank glad you like it !

  27. Vincent (verified owner)

    Love the pen! Best one I’ve gotten so far

    • O2VAPE

      Thanks Vincent!

  28. Dean (verified owner)

    Bought a second one because it was so good someone stole my first. I’m a once a week or so vaper and owned my first pen for months before I needed to charge it. Love the variable temp and the rose gold finish. Kept it in a case and it started to look a little weathered, but always worked great. What more could you want for the price? Exceptional value.

  29. Kaylee (verified owner)

    This has been one of the best pens I have used. I along with many other have found this to be a great pens to use with “oils”. I love that my stuff doesn’t taste burnt anymore. I highly recommend this product.

    • O2VAPE

      Thanks so much!

  30. Carla D. (verified owner)

    Very happy with my purchase and quality of product and customer service. Will order again.

    • O2VAPE

      Thanks Carla!

  31. Larry R (verified owner)

    Vari-vape is awesome. Charges quickly, works flawlessly, and it was a great purchase.

    • O2VAPE

      Thanks Larry !

  32. Dave H. (verified owner)

    So far, so good. Nice looking and light weight battery.

  33. Mary M (verified owner)

    Love the products and the pleasantness of the people at customer service. Will order again.

    • O2VAPE

      Thank you so much Mary!

  34. Ryan C. (verified owner)

    I love this product and real deal best pen I use so far

  35. Brandon R. (verified owner)

    Got this vape on the grey color and I love it. I’ve only had it for 2 weeks but so far I have no complaints. Its fairly inexpensive, and the USB charger makes it so I can charge it virtually anywhere nowadays. Shipping was also pretty quick. Would highly recommend.

    • O2VAPE

      Thanks Brandon!

  36. Tracy (verified owner)

    I ordered 4, 2 steel, a rose gold and a wood and they are Great batteries, lasts a decent amount of time and we needed some stick battery packs due to size and shape of carts. These fit the bill perfectly, charge fast and easy with USB charger. Would recommend for anyone that wants an easy to use stick battery pack.

    • O2VAPE

      Thanks Tracy! Glad you like them ! VAPE ON!

  37. HCAD (verified owner)

    As good as it gets. Good battery life. Good heat control. A very nice unit.

    • O2VAPE

      Thank you !

  38. John C. (verified owner)

    Great product shipping was fast.
    I liked it so much I bought another and recommended to 2 of my friends who also love it. Great purchase

    • O2VAPE

      Thank you John so glad you like it and thanks for the recommendations!

  39. Jo (verified owner)

    Great product

    • O2VAPE

      Thanks Jo! Enjoy

  40. Michael (verified owner)

    Solid product and worked exactly as promised! The quality of the design was apparent!

  41. Carla (verified owner)

    I’ve bought other vape pens and none as good as O2vape pens. Finally a pen that heats up well and lasting charge. Thank you.

    • O2VAPE

      Thank you Carla!

  42. Reed B. (verified owner)

    I love the look and feel of your product. I have bought 4 different colors to use with each of my favorite herbs. Shipping time was fast. I highly recommend. You won’t be disappointed.

    • O2VAPE

      Thank you so much Reed! Vape on and stay safe!

  43. Latia (verified owner)

    This is my first time buying a vape. My sister has a couple from you guys and she told me to buy one, so I did. I really like the vape. Initially, I’m like WTF! why does it keep burning my throat? I thought I had turned it down, but I realized that I had turned it up way too high. Once I turned it down to an appropriate guage, I was good to go. This is a really good product. Thank you.

    • O2VAPE

      LOL! Thank you Lati, glad you figured it out plus we are always here to help!

  44. Christine (verified owner)

    Three cheers for legal weed! I put in an order at my new dispensary, dug my old mod out of the closet to charge, and ran out to pick up a variety of product – including a cartridge from Verano. WHOOPSIE – mod was deader than dead still after over 24 hrs. I don’t know jack about batteries (my other one was a gift) but I happened upon an O2 Vape video on youtube that sorted me right out. I put in an order that same day; the battery came in two days and was almost at 100% out of the box. I got the adjustable one ‘just in case’ but honestly it works so well that I leave it on the lowest setting. I love the look and feel of this battery, and the rose gold makes me feel rich even though it cost less than half of my cartridge (thank you, youtube coupon code!) I’ve already recommended it to friends & family!

    • O2VAPE

      Thank you Christine! Welcome to the O2 family!

  45. Todd R (verified owner)

    Unit was smaller than I thought it would be. Looks and feels very well made! Works great so far. I will be buying another one very soon. Great customer service all the way! Thanks!

    • O2VAPE

      Thank you Todd! Vape on!

  46. Kaya (verified owner)

    Best battery I’ve purchased, super cute and long battery life. I would recommend this to everyone. Shipping is also really fast!

    • O2VAPE

      Thank you so much enjoy!!

  47. Taylor (verified owner)

    o2 makes the highest quality vape pens I have tried. A few years back I picked up the Vari-Vape XL and after about 10 months it died. Since then I’ve shopped around for other batteries but once my most recent battery died I just ended up coming back to o2. When you hold the pen you can just feel the difference versus those cheap $15 smoke shop batteries. So long as this one holds up longer than the last, 5 stars in my book.

    • Dana E. Shoched

      Thank you Taylor! Remember you have a lifetime warranty on our pens as well 🙂

  48. Eric P (verified owner)

    I have been using your equipment for 3-4 years and it never failed me. I failed it cause I lost my first one so I came back and purchased a replacement. Great products! Good prices. Nice selection.

    • Dana E. Shoched

      Thank you Eric!

  49. Deborah K. (verified owner)

    fast shipping, solid product. everything as promised, i will be back to shop again.

    • Dana E. Shoched

      Thanks Deborah! Enjoy!

  50. Hassan (verified owner)

    Vari-Vape: Variable Voltage Battery w/ 510 Thread works great and the voltage setting is extremely handy when vaping thicker liquids. Charges quickly and the size is easy to stow away in my pocket or small bags. Quality of the pen is solid and feels good when holding. Does not feel cheap!

  51. Peter A. J. (verified owner)

    Received a damaged pen.
    Contacted Customer service.
    Pen was replaced in a couple days.
    Great service.

    • Dana E. Shoched

      Thanks Peter ! That’s how we roll !

  52. Steve (verified owner)

    I recently purchased an 02Vape battery and it is absolutely amazing. The best of the best. I have tried many different units, but this one is the real deal. The materials are super high quality, and the adjustable wattage at the base of the unit is superior to the dingy double tap that most batteries require. You’ve got a life long fan. Thanks!

    • Dana E. Shoched

      Thank you Steve! Welcome to the family!

  53. aprildanielle0124 (verified owner)

    This vape battery is really good. I like how you can adjust the voltage on the bottom. It’s cool and I will be shopping here from now on!

  54. Daniel Z. (verified owner)

    First time cartridge user. I purchased two of these batteries. They work perfectly. The variability works well. I also like that they let you know when you’ve used them too long. Well made, in my opinion!!! Thanks. 😁

  55. Stu (verified owner)

    Well, I bought my vari-vape in 2019 and left a review soon after.So I decided to give an update 2yrs+ later.I don’t vape all the time (Flower) but I use this about 6-8 times a month. I keep it on and in the case,I can go over 3 weeks? Before charging (I usually forget when I charged it last so I just plug it in to be sure)….Amazing!.
    I recently starting getting CBD carts so I’m using it more now,love being able to adjust voltage to compensate. Maybe I’ll be back to buy another…if this one ever quits on me.

    • Dana E. Shoched

      Thank you Stu!

  56. James K. (verified owner)

    Great product, really fast shipping!

    • Dana E. Shoched

      Thank you!

  57. Tiff P. (verified owner)

    I am beyond pleased. I’ve gone through ooze and select vape pens, both failing on me out of the box and even with ones that didn’t fail soon started to short out. I’ve had my pen for about two weeks now and I am so happy I am going to purchase from O2Vape from now on. I might even buy a few more colors for fun 🙂

    • Dana E. Shoched

      Thank you Tiff and welcome to the family !

  58. George S. (verified owner)

    This really sounded good and they are. The variable voltage is easy to set and it really does allow you to get the hit you want.
    This is way better than the standard three choices. Less coughing, more toking😑ggg

  59. Paul (verified owner)

    great item, the battery last long. the variable voltage works great.

  60. Gil (verified owner)

    Undoubtedly the best battery I’ve had. Reliable,charges quickly and holds charge very well. Highly recommend this product. O2=Quality

  61. JR (verified owner)

    Great product. Battery holds charge well. Seems powerful even at lowest voltage setting. I like the button activation since I can regulate how much of a hit I get precisely. And you can turn on/off as well so you’re not accidentally vaping. Use cartridges with air holes on the side near the threads. Cartridges without holes are for the airflow activation batteries.

  62. Ralph (verified owner)

    Awesome buying experience. Excellent customer service and the product works great. I’ll buy my next battery from O2vape.

    • Dana E. Shoched

      Thank you Ralph!

  63. G. (verified owner)

    I got the stainless steel version. It looks great and it works great. My friends have complemented its style.

  64. Mike (verified owner)

    This is my first vaping pen. I love the O2VAPE! It’s convenient, charges fast, and lasts a long time.

    • Dana E. Shoched

      Welcome to the family Mike!

  65. Dennis A. (verified owner)

    I received this early, which was great! This is my first battery, up to now I’d been using disposable vapes, but I’m definitely not going back. This will end up being cheaper in the long run, a more attractive device (I got wood, btw), and hopefully long lasting. I look forward to a long and happy time with it!

  66. Scourge of Richland (verified owner)

    This is the second one that I have, bought it because they work well, the adjustment of the voltage actually does something, and they are well-built.

    I’ve had my first one for over 2 1/2 years and it’s still working fine, expect the same with this one.

    • Dana E. Shoched

      Thank you and VAPE ON!

  67. Robenzo (verified owner)

    I got one a couple years ago, still works great. The new one seems to have the same quality and battery life. The variable voltage is really useful with some of the harsher strains, I turn down the voltage and no more choke. I’ve bought other items from o2vape and they’re all good.

    • Dana E. Shoched

      Thank you!

  68. Kaiian (verified owner)

    This is a great pen literally no complaints. It’s small, sleek, simple, and the battery lasts forever. Will definitely buy more in the future.

  69. Jeff L. (verified owner)

    This is a Great vape battery. Always works, love the adjustable voltage. Looks great, draws great.
    Much better than normal pens..

  70. Will (verified owner)

    New to vaping and own various devices. They suck! I mean they clog and you either suck like crazy or use a hair dryer to get it going again. Ignorantly, my belief was they were all the same. WRONG! This O2 Vari-Vape with 510 threads is amazing. Easy draw. Hasn’t clogged. Great battery life. Well made. A fair price. What else could you want? Buy it. You won’t regret it.

    • Dana E. Shoched

      WOW! Thanks so much Will and welcome to the family !