Glass Vape Cartridges

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Style, form, function and consistent quality are what set these cartridges apart from the crowd.

There is nothing worse than getting a vape cartridge that leaks, doesn’t pull, gets clogged and wastes your oil.  That’s why, here at O2VAPE, we have dedicated ourselves to producing and distributing only the best vape oil cartridges possible.  With our line of glass cartridges we have reached the pinnacle.

Our line of glass vape cartridges are no leak, no clog, heavy hitters and are made specifically for the type of oil that you are interested in vaping, no matter what it is!  That means you can get the perfect puff with confidence that you aren’t heating any plastic parts.  You can also use them with any 510 thread pen including the classic buttonless vape, and almost every major manufacturers pen.

Remember the days of using metal, ceramic, even apples for a smoking apparatus?  Well one day you grew up and realized that these are inferior ways to smoke, on that day you probably graduated to better combustion with glass pieces.  Well now you know that even combustion is inferior and you have made the step up to vaporizing.  Get ready to experience the next achievement in vaporizing with our glass vape cartridges.

Be sure to select the right size for your favorite oil.  Thinner oils will use 4 smaller intake holes to allow the perfect amount of your eliquids.  Select the larger holes if you intend to use thicker oils. Then select your size, we have 1ml glass cartridges or .5ml glass cartridges to choose from. You can order just one of these or you can make a vape cartridge wholesale inquiry if you are looking to package your product with the highest quality available.  We also offer tips and advice on using the glass vape cartridge to the fullest such as here with our guide on how to fill a glass vape cartridge.

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