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The Dryonic dry herbal vape is for all those times you want to vape legal dry herbs instead of ingesting all the harmful components, like tars and potentially carcinogenic plant material that comes from combustion smoking.

Now you too can share in the delightful taste of dry herbal vaporizing in a much more efficient form with our Dryonic fresh herb vape pen!

What is does the term Dryonic mean?

It describes DRY herbal vaporization through an electrONIC heating element.  The Dryonic herb vaporizer offers a convection vaporizing experience in a small, portable package. Designed to be durable the Dryonic internal structure is comprise of a heavy duty, stainless steel heating chamber that allows 3 variable temperature settings. This let’s you dial in just the right temperature and produce the best vapor no matter what your vaporizing!

Temperature Settings – Dryonic has 3 individual temperatures that users can choose from to fit their personal vaping preferences.

Efficient Burning – The convection vaporizing technology creates an even burn, allowing more herbs to be used without waste.

Pure Vapor – Without producing the harmful byproducts that are associated with combustion or smoke, the Dryonic produces pure vapor that optimizes the flavor of the herbs.

While there are many models similar to the Dryonic, you can be sure that you are getting the highest quality and buying from a company that stands behind their product in O2VAPE.

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