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The Rise of Disposable Vapes: What Concentrate Producers & Extractors Should Know

You’ve probably noticed how disposable cannabis vapes are popping up everywhere. Consumers love them, to be sure, but what’s especially interesting is how this shift is impacting producers and extractors. As an industry leading vape wholesale distributor, we strive to keep our customers informed on all the latest developments.


For this blog in our O2VAPE blog series, we’re going to get into what’s driving this puff of change and, more importantly, what it means for folks in the cannabis concentrates game.


Understanding Disposable Cannabis Vapes

Disposable cannabis vapes are designed to keep up with the fast-paced world we live in. But why else do consumers love them so much? Here are the three key factors about disposable cannabis vapes that have made them so popular:


  1. Convenience: This is a biggie. Consumers love not having to fill their vapes or remember to charge them.
  2. Affordability: Because disposable cannabis vapes don’t require a full vape setup, they’re much cheaper to buy (and make).
  3. Variety: Disposable cannabis can come pre-loaded with any aroma and effects you can think of!


What’s to Come for Disposable Vapes

We’re not just blowing smoke here; the disposable cannabis vape market is like a rocket, and it’s only going up. But with every high, there’s a new challenge to tackle and a new opportunity to grab. Here are a few of our predictions for what’s to come in the disposable cannabis vape market:

  • Continued Growth
    Convenience and variety are still king and queen in the world of consumers, and disposables will continue to fill that gap.
  • Innovation on the Rise:
    We’re expecting to see a ton of change in the tech that’s used to make disposable vapes, such as: better battery life, sleeker designs, and even more concentrate options.

disposable cbd vape on black surface

With these changes, cannabis concentrate producers and extractors will have some challenges with staying up to date on the newest technology, but also new opportunities for growth.

Innovation at the Forefront: O2VAPE‘s Recent Breakthroughs

When it comes to innovation in the disposable vape industry, O2VAPE is proud to be at the forefront of this exciting journey. Our recent advancements are a reflection of our dedication to excellence and continuous improvement.

Our All-Glass Design: A Commitment to Purity

We feature an all-glass design in our products – a decision that marks a significant shift from traditional materials. This choice is not just about aesthetics, it’s about ensuring the purity and quality of your vaping experience. The all-glass construction guarantees that the aromas and effects of your concentrates remain untainted and true to their nature.

Cotton-Free Bucket Technology: A Revolutionary Step

Another innovation we’re excited about is our cotton-free bucket technology. Geared towards customers who would like an option other than ones with conventional cotton, this new technology enhances the efficiency and cleanliness of vaping. It’s our way of ensuring that you get the most out of your concentrates, with every vape delivering the purest cannabis experience.

Customizable Device Resistance for Various Cannabis Oils and Concentrates

Recognizing the diverse nature of cannabis concentrates, we’ve made our devices adaptable. Our ability to customize device resistance is something we take great pride in. This feature is crucial for concentrate producers and extractors, allowing for increased compatibility with a range of concentrates. 


Whether it’s resin or rosin, distillate or full-spectrum extract — our devices can be finely tuned to provide the ideal vaping experience for each unique type!

Introducing the Aero Plus: Elegance Meets Functionality

The Aero Plus is our latest creation, embodying sleekness and advanced functionality. This model isn’t just about a pleasing aesthetic. It’s also about offering a vaping experience that is both enjoyable and user-friendly. The Aero Plus represents our vision of combining style with substance, ensuring that every aspect of your vaping is as seamless as it is satisfying.


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Overall, it’s clear that we’re standing at the crossroads of a significant shift in the vaping industry. This disposable vape market is a robust wave that’s reshaping consumer preferences and industry standards. For those of you creating the concentrates and mastering the extraction process, this evolution presents both challenges and opportunities. 


Keep pushing boundaries, keep innovating, and most importantly, keep creating those amazing experiences that only the world of cannabis can offer. 


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