O2VAPE FLIP® – Concealable Vape Pen w/ 510 Thread

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(33 customer reviews)

We Have Upgraded Our Original FLIP Vape Pen:

Check out the Flip Platinum Vape is our patented variable voltage, right handed Auto on/off version.

FLIP ULTRA Vape Pen: Digital 510 thread battery with locking cart, digital display, variable voltage and dual charging options.

Also Check out all of our complete line of available Vape Pens or maybe you only need a 510 thread battery.

It’s Here! The O2VAPE FLIP® vape pen is the original game changing key fob vape pen from O2VAPE. This is the original version of the upgraded patented FLIP Platinum and the FLIP ULTRA which features a digital display and lightning charging port.  This is the professional, concealable, quick click vape pen that protects your cartridge and fold into a sleek key fob design.  If you are looking for a concealable vape pen, look no further.

Why is the vape nation raving out about this pen?

  • Lifetime Warranty on your battery*  (see details here)
  • Concealed quick click cartridge ensures safe keeping of your juice or oil
  • Built in USB means you never have to carry, lose or buy a charger again
  • 510 thread vape battery means you can use your favorite cartridge or fill any of ours
  • 3.7 volt battery powers all cartridges including our premium glass and wickless ceramic
  • .5ml Premium Glass Cartridge with 1.66mm hole size included with every purchase
  • Key chain loop big enough for mini carabiner
  • Perfect for an active lifestyle of hiking, snowboarding, mountain biking without risking cartridge damage
  • The ultimate in discreet and professional vape pen products
  • Just feels good to “FLIP”!

You know the quality of O2VAPE so there is no question about the long lifespan that you can expect from this oil vape pen.  Take a look at our video to see all the features and benefits that come along when you push the button and fold it out!

For even more features including Variable Voltage and Auto On/Off, check out the FLIP Platinum Edition.



Instructions for using the O2VAPE FLIP Oil Vape Pen:

Turning it on and off:

  • To turn the pen on/off click the power button 5 times

Extending the cartridge:

  • Hold the battery with your left hand and press the button on the top right.

Filling the Glass Vape Cartridge:


  • Keep pressing the power button continuously after the battery has been turned on.  The LED light will light up while activated. The maximum amount of time that the battery can be activated is 15 seconds at which point the battery will deactivate until the next activation.
  • Before folding and concealing the cartridge press the power button 5 times to turn off the battery


  • Pull out the built in USB charger and connect it to your computers usb port or to an optional usb wall charger.  Light is GREEN when charging and when fully charged the LED light will turn off.  Remove the usb and push it back into the body of the vape battery.

Other Tips and Tricks:

  • Using cartridges with a resistance of over 1.2 ohms ensures proper function
  • Use any O2VAPE cartridges for best quality puff and low leakage
  • If you reach the 15 second limit the battery will go into a short protection mode to ensure safe vaping.  Please be patient if for some reason you actually hit the 15 second mark.
  • Turn off the battery when not in use to prevent unwanted activation
  • Always use a cartridge made for the thickness of oil that you are choosing.  That will limit any chance of leaks and ensure the best quality puff


Additional information

Number of FLIP Vapes

1 FLIP Vape – $34.95, 2 FLIP Vapes – $59.95, 5 FLIP Vapes – $124.95

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33 reviews for O2VAPE FLIP® – Concealable Vape Pen w/ 510 Thread

  1. Michael (verified owner)

    Finally a stealth pen! In non or newly recreational states it is very nice to have a stealth option, and this one is perfect. It is small and fits in any pocket. I have been looking for an easy way to attach a pen to a lanyard for group use on a chairlift. That search is over. Thank you O2VAPE for the Flip!

  2. Austin

    Loving it fam! Very nice quality, easy to use with nice FLIP action.
    The hit is big, battery life is good and the USB charger is part of it!

    • O2VAPE

      Thanks, so glad you like it !

  3. Mr.Kada (verified owner)

    I purchased this O2 FLIP about a month ago and so far I’m really happy in the quality,The Battery life and the way it’s concealable I would recommend this product if anyone is looking for a 510 connector Pen fits in your pocket and no worries of snapping your cartridge off while in your pocket while going to sit down

    • O2VAPE

      Thanks and so glad you like it!!

  4. Mike (verified owner)

    Great idea!! Very stealthy and works very well with the thick oil I use. I really like the built in charger. Good Job O2VAPE!!

    • O2VAPE

      Thanks for the kind words and glad you like it!

  5. dub cee (verified owner)

    works great with co2 oil.
    not going to lie, it works phenomenally.

  6. Mike T. (verified owner)

    Well built, folds up small and has everything one needs for a smoke and go. Battery life is great with recharge very easily accomplished.

  7. Helene H. (verified owner)

    Great size, works great, price is worth it. It’s my go to vape for thicker oil. Impressive

  8. Marie S.

    I am very pleased with the Flip. It packs a mean hit and the charge last for a very long time. I can fold it away when I am on the go, or leave it in an up right position on my desk for easy use. It’s a win either way. A great product you won’t be disappointed in. Defiantly worth the price. Marie S.

  9. Julie D. (verified owner)

    I love it. The flip action is brilliant! So light and portable. Extremely easy to use. I love “flipping” it and I really love that it is drip-proof,unlike other pens.

  10. Corey (verified owner)

    I love it! It really is perfect for those on the go who want something concealable AND reliable. I have purchased so many different pens, batteries, etc… and this is by far my favorite one. I love that you don’t have to use plastic carts with it and can take advantage of the glass and ceramics. The fact that it has a lifetime warranty made it a simple choice for me.

  11. Neal R. (verified owner)

    I love this new, concealable, vape pen! Having had great success with my first 02 Vape pen purchase, I was curious about the FLIP Vape Pen. This is a great product! I take it with me everywhere, and have had no problems with leaking. The battery seems to last forever before charging. The design is elegant and my friends have remarked what a fun design it is, and practical, too!! The Flip, along with my 02 Vape premium pen, are my go-to vapes for every situation. Bravo, 02Vape!

  12. Ryan M. (verified owner)

    Hands down the best vape Battery I have ever used. I have tried them all!!!! Goes nicely with my VW key and it’s Tons of fun to flip. Not to mention fits awesome in the pocket. Best part is the charger is built in and can charge up anywhere. Customer service is outstanding! Thanks guys.. STOKED!!

    • O2VAPE

      Thanks Ryan for the kind words and glad you like it !

  13. VMD

    I love the fact that you guys are right in my back yard! just an outstanding deal on two fantastic vape pens. Battery life on flip pens is absolutely amazing. Thank you so much for everything

    • O2VAPE

      You are welcome and thank you !

  14. Carolyn

    This is an incredible pen! You can tell it’s very well made and the features were thoughtfully designed. The conceal-ability of it is my favorite feature…I was able to get it past tight security at an event that did not allow vapes (they overlooked the side where the cartridge is visible). When folded up, it’s quite compact and fits easily in my pocket or small purse. The integrated USB charger is a huge plus, as I’m the type of person who misplaces my USB cords all the time. Battery life is stellar – I’ve been using this pen every day for the past two weeks (taking 2-5 pulls a day on average, but sometimes more) and I’ve still haven’t had to charge it again. Buy from this company…their products are super legit and their customer service is wonderful. You won’t regret it!

    • O2VAPE

      Thank you so much and so glad you love the product!

  15. Ellen B. (verified owner)

    The FLIP is Great!! I got the Stainless steel pen 1st & love both. The FLIP I love cause I can take it with me when riding my bike so anytime I feel like vaping its right there in my pocket. I also love that I can take a huge hit due to the 15 second shut off,which is really great. Thanks again 02Vape.

  16. DLA (verified owner)

    Nifty little device! Works just as advertised…..nice stealth design with good function.

  17. Brian B. (verified owner)

    I’m a huge fan, outstanding product. With moderate use, the battery will last me two days. The ability to fold the pen, lock it, and tuck it in your pocket and go is outstanding!

    • O2VAPE

      Glad you like it ! Stay tuned for more exciting things!

  18. Jonathan B. (verified owner)

    Great, portable, discreet vaper! I am loving this device and the tanks that you guys sell, this works great for thicker, concentrated oils. Keep up the good work!

    • O2VAPE

      Thanks so much, glad you like the products!

  19. Mr. Washington (verified owner)

    Best pen I’ve purchased and I have plenty of them. I love the fob design. Very nice.

    • O2VAPE

      Thank you sir!

  20. Ulysses (verified owner)

    So far so good.. small, light, sturdy, good use between charges.. love the warranty it solidified my decision to purchase because the company backs the product as they should…

  21. Tianna McKeague (verified owner)

    Even though this is my first pen, I must say it is GREAT! My sister and I decided to buy one each and we love it! Since then more than 5 of our family and friends have decided to buy one as well. The battery life is pretty damn good. The long draws make it great for every kind of user and the flip keeps it safe and perfect for carrying on the go. I highly recommend this product!

    • O2VAPE

      Thanks so much ! So glad you like the product and thanks for the referrals !

  22. Steven E. (verified owner)

    This is really the best thing on the market. Not only was I impressed with the design, to hold all my 510 cartridges, but it is one powerful unit and all so compact. Love the draw and the charger is just the best! I have had a number of pens and this tops them all. As a medical patient, I can’t thank you enough for coming up with this simple, compact and powerful vaper!

    • O2VAPE

      Thank you sir! So glad you like the product !

  23. Matt J (verified owner)

    At first I thought there was a problem but after a google troubleshoot that led me to a you tube demo, I gently nudged the round contact with the end of a paper clip to raise it up a little, little bit. ever since then, I have been flippin’ out and nobody knows it but me. but don’t worry I will share my secret with those who are worthy. I also like the company low key, high dependability style. O2VAPE is now my vape HQ. thx

  24. tom (verified owner)

    Great product that works like a charm. My favorite! Thank You.

    • O2VAPE

      You are welcome and THANK YOU !

  25. Russel H. (verified owner)

    I can’t stress enough how much I love this product! I’ve owned two other vape pens from companies local to me (Seattle) and both broke within two weeks. This is in no way an indictment of those products, I’m just incredibly hard on things. I searched for MONTHS trying to find the perfect vape pen, one that I could just toss in my pocket and not worry about it snapping in two or being so bulky and noticeable. I looked high and low and kept coming up dry. Then I happened upon a Leafly review of a different O2VAPE product. This led me to the O2VAPE website where I found the Flip. I’ll admit, at first I was skeptical. I thought for sure I’d snapped the cartridge off on the first day, but the price was right, the reviews were great, and the company offered a great LIFETIME warranty. I received my order a full two days before I was expecting it, filled up the cartridge it immediately and started using it. It is the perfect vape pen for me. I was completely wrong about the flip-out cartridge. It is a durable, well-made product and I love that the USB charger is attached, so I don’t have to worry about losing it. I’ve toked about 200 times already and I’ll never use another company’s vape pen again. I’m recommending O2VAPE to all of my friends and family. Seriously, you guys rock!

    • O2VAPE

      Wow! Thank you so much and so glad we had a product that fit all your needs!!

  26. Joe (verified owner)

    Great pen. Everything about it is above par. The style, the pull, the durability, and the concealment. I have been recommending this to all my friends. I’m happy to see there is a grade A vape pen on the market. Thanks

    • O2VAPE

      Thanks Joe!

  27. Mike G. (verified owner)

    Awesome product. Great flip action. I was always snapping the pen style vapes. Great job.

    • O2VAPE

      Thank you !

  28. Padraic Scanlon (verified owner)

    Love the flip pen! Indiscreet and works wonderfully! With the usb hidden in the side it looks like a car key. High recommended, going to get one for my girlfriend soon!

  29. Richard Kozelka (verified owner)

    What a great idea! Ive tried both pens and have not used the flip pen yet but after I do I will update my reviews.
    I do like the concealment design….

  30. Rick B.

    This unit is absolutely awesome , reliable , durable , have had mine for about 4 months now and not one single problem ,used all day every day , very nice , and lifetime warranty , you just can’t beat it ,,,,, Thank You Love It ,,, Really deserve 10 stars , From Maine Rick ,

  31. MA Mom (verified owner)

    Worth the money. I’d been buying cheap $10-$15 pens that either end up clogging the cart or just burning out quickly. Not only is this one a lot better from the standpoint of not breaking, it holds a charge great and I love the conceal factor. It’s just ‘push button to vape’ which is exactly what I was looking for.

  32. Chris H. (verified owner)

    Hands down the BEST VAPE Family out there. Love my new Flip. So handy and convenient. Small enough to carry all day.
    Had a little issue with the unit but Thomas in customer service is a rock star. Thanks Thomas and the O2 family!

  33. IP (verified owner)

    Best vape pen in the world! Hope I can figure out how to change the battery when it’s time but hopefully that’s a long time from now. Thanks again for such a great product!

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