Vape Pen Slim Pack – Black




The O2VAPE Slim Pack is the ORIGINAL buttonless vape pen is perfect for traveling or a night on the town. The small, sleek and discrete carrying case allows for storage in virtually any purse or pocket, while keeping the oil pen clean. Our vape pen has a buttonless design with a stylus at the end, making it even more versatile and a very long life battery that is strong enough to give you a great vapor cloud but won’t burn too hot. That mean’s you get a ton of great tasting full draws on a single charge and you won’t waste you high quality oil on a leaky cartridge.

The 510 thread battery will fit other store bought oil cartridges but you can fill ours with your favorite oils to get the best vaping experience with every puff.

No Buttons – No more clicking buttons or tuning dials with the Original buttonless vape pen. Simply open and inhale. That’s right, don’t wait for heat up times and don’t worry about draining your battery.  Our buttonless vapes turn off when your not using them and are always ready for you to get that perfect hit.

300 to 400 Perfect Puffs per Cartridge – Lasts up to three weeks depending on daily use and is refillable for up to two fills.  These double chamber cartridges are leak free for thicker oils and give that perfect puff.

Revolutionary Vape Atomizer – Our transparent atomizer is different from traditional atomizers with NO buttons, burning taste, leakage, or wait time to heat up. Our vaporizer pen is an open source meaning it can be used with a variety of oils.

Light Weight Battery – Measuring at 5.98, .06” wide, and weighing less than 3 ounces you’ll never know it’s in your purse or pocket until you need it. Battery last 3 to 5 days depending on use.

Carrying Case – The o2Vape Slim Pack case holds everything needed for the ultimate vaping experience and resembles the size of a business card holder for easy storage and handling.

  • One Oil Pen Vaporizer
  • USB Charger
  • Empty Oil Cartridge
  • Slim Case

Additional information

Number of Vape Pen Kits

One (1) Vape Pen Kit, Two (2) Vape Pen Kits

Glass Cartridge Upgrade

Don't Upgrade, With Glass Cartridge


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