FLIP ULTRA | The Most Advanced 510 Key FOB Vape Pen

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Our most advanced FLIP Vape pen yet, The Patented FLIP® ULTRA is our latest upgrade to the most popular, discreet vape design out there.  We took our best vape and made it even better through advanced technology, allowing you deeper insights into your vaping, more flexibility and convenience, additional safety and the highest technology available in any Key FOB style vape out there.  It even comes with our award winning ceramic cell cart included.

This patented Vape Battery is an online exclusive and can be bought ONLY ONLINE AT O2VAPE! Not available from other vendors or in stores.

Here’s what you get:

  • Digital Display featuring Puff Counter, Voltage Data and Battery Life.
  • Largest Battery size at 550 mah to keep you vaping longer
  • Auto On/Off Flip Lock to keep your cart where you want it and disabled when closed
  • Wider Voltage Range of 2.7 to 4.8V
  • Mini USB or Lightning Charging Port
  • 510 Thread Compatibility
  • Award Winning Ceramic Cell 510 Cart in Gun metal

Buy Multiple and Save!

*If choosing a Vari-Flow Cartridge, be sure to use the “skinny” model.  Wider cartridges may not close.


Additional information

Number of FLIP ULTRA Vapes

1 FLIP ULTRA ($54.95), 2 FLIP ULTRA's ($99.95), 5 FLIP ULTRA's ($224.95)

23 reviews for FLIP ULTRA | The Most Advanced 510 Key FOB Vape Pen

  1. mwithersit (verified owner)

    Pretty neat!

  2. edensrichard (verified owner)

    Next level vaping. Precise temp control, batt level display, plugs into phone charger, and more, plus it hits great. This thing is pretty slick. I highly recommend.

    • O2VAPE

      Thank you ! So glad you like it ! We aim to please !

  3. lrm (verified owner)

    This replaced my Platinum and I’m loving it! Solid build and the display is great.

  4. jackwalton (verified owner)

    Great product!

    • O2VAPE

      Thank you!

  5. jackwalton (verified owner)

    Love it!

  6. RobCo (verified owner)

    I liked the original Flip, but this Flip Ultra has it all. I especially appreciate the digital readout of battery power left. The auto on-off feature when you “flip” the cartridge is also an improvement over having to turn on-off with 5 presses.

    • O2VAPE

      Thanks so much! FYI the FLip Platinum has the auto on auto off as well but you have the latest and greatest!

  7. danrtheman (verified owner)

    This is the holy grail of 510 batteries. It has everything you could ever want in a battery, including precise temperature settings and an auto on/off feature. My only complaint is that after about a week of use, the rubber coating began to peel. I’ve been using it for three weeks, and the coating is about 1/4 gone. I hope the battery will look better once all of the rubber coating peels off.

    • O2VAPE

      Hi Dan, Thanks for the great review and we have already sent a new one out to you! Sorry you had that experience you jut got a bum one as far as the coating.

  8. Taylor O. (verified owner)

    Been an Flip Platinum user since 2018. I love the improvements with the Ultra, especially the lock and improved latch. Now the cartridge stays protected and doesn’t open accidentally in my pocket anymore. Thanks for listening to user feedback. This is a great product.

    • O2VAPE

      Hey Taylor! So glad you like it we love it too! And yes we always welcome feedback 🙂

  9. yeahdude (verified owner)

    I only review things if it’s so bad I can’t justify the cost or if it’s so good it blows me out of the water: I really can’t believe how awesome this is.

    -Better and more consistent delivery than my PCKT One Plus. Had to RMA my POP for a cart sensing issue and the thing is still occasionally hit-or-miss despite regular cleaning and troubleshooting.
    -It has the benefit of dual charging ports which felt gimmicky at first, but is really convenient as hell.
    -Auto on/off is a game changer. It’s insane how awesome this is. No accidental activation or flip out of the cart in your pocket as well as the new locking feature.

    My only suggestion would be an inhale-activated draw mode for ease of use for those with arthritic conditions, but I still love me a button-operated vape: no issues with it potentially not sensing the cartridge, or with people for whom lung strength is a concern but medical marijuana is helpful!

    Overall, this is now my go-to and will be my most used vape until a new one is released, this one breaks and I have to use the warranty, or a better one comes out (lmao, good luck). Great job and thank you.

    • O2VAPE

      Thank you so much and so glad you like it !

  10. Matt K. (verified owner)

    I was a Platinum user. It had some faults that the Ultra fixes and more.

    – much better battery life
    – charging experience is much better, love that I can use my iphone cable
    – the auto on/off is improved, don’t have to close it to turn it off.
    – the lock mechanism is the best yet. love hearing it click when it closes. The extra locking feature is just a bonus

    – battery does get pretty hot when charging.

    I haven’t found a use for me personally for the puff counter

    • O2VAPE

      Hey Matt, Thanks for that and so glad you love it we do too! Just to let you know the Platinum has the same auto / on as the new ULTA once you close the cart back into the unit it is off 🙂 Flip it up it’s on ! As far as the unit getting warm please keep an eye on that, as that is the first we have heard of this issue. If needed remember you are covered by our lifetime warranty 🙂 Thanks and have a vape filled day!

  11. Terrance H. (verified owner)

    Great device, you get real quality here.

    • O2VAPE

      Thank you Terrance! So glad you like it 🙂 VAPE ON !

  12. Ben B (verified owner)

    By far the best vape battery I’ve ever used. Love all of the features that it has. Only thing that I personally don’t exactly enjoy about this battery is the absence of a pre-heat feature. Other than that, this thing is perfect. I’ve recommended this battery to all my vaping buddies. 🙂

    • O2VAPE

      Hi Ben, Thanks so much for that ! Do keep in mind if you want to preheat the cart just hold down the button for a few seconds and you can warm your cart up 🙂 Thanks again!

  13. Scott M. (verified owner)

    The best 510 vape battery, Church cart’s fit but won’t flip open because Church carts are the only one that has been almost to large for the flip ultra.

  14. Mike M. (verified owner)

    Anyone that has been using 510 threaded batteries for more than a year or two has undoubtedly experienced these pain points:

    – The majority of batteries on the market appear to be the same rebranded Chinese goods
    – Extremely high failure rates due to low quality batteries or contact plates decoupling
    – Warranties that are either very short, deceptive or impossible to file claims for
    – Easy to lose and misplace (largely my own fault, partly a result of form factor)

    In 2018 I purchased a 2-pack of O2vape Vari-vapes and found them to be very solid products. After a couple months, the contact plate on one of the batteries came off as I was removing the cartridge and I filed a warranty claim. I received a very friendly response from support along with some great practical advice on preventing the same issue in the future (beware of leaky cartridges!) and the item was replaced as promised. A year later, however, I’ve managed to lose both of these batteries to no fault of O2vape.

    Needless to say, I was ready to find a 510 battery that would last longer than a year and wouldn’t get lost as easily. So I bit the bullet and decided to invest in a Flip Ultra and here are my impressions after about a week:

    – Top notch build quality
    – The display is very useful for dialing in voltage, seeing battery life and it just looks nice
    – With children in my house, the locking mechanism gives me extra piece of mind
    – The weight & balance feels great in your hand
    – Dual charging is novel and appreciated

    – Replace either charging port with USB-C
    – Add a pre-heat/warming feature

    So far I am very pleased with this purchase. O2vape earned my repeat business after a painless warranty claim and I’m glad I went with them again. I highly recommend this product!

    • O2VAPE

      Hi Mike, Thank you so much for the kind words and review of our product! We chose the lightning port because they have not gone to USBC yet for phones! Do keep in mind you can do a preheat by simply holding the button down for a few seconds. Try not to loose this one LOL Thanks again and Have a vape filled day !

  15. Dan (verified owner)

    Just bought to replace the first version. Which still works fine I might add. Like others I am taking the time to review because it’s just so awesome. New added features perfected it. Highly recommend.

  16. Omar (verified owner)

    This is my first vape pen purchase (I’ve tried both button and buttonless). Love flip auto on/off feature, long battery life, and built-in charging ports for both USB and lightning (USB C would be better though). Very pleased.

  17. Senita (verified owner)

    Awesome device! I have used the 5-press-on/off batteries, the button-less pens, and the disposable pens. This is hands-down the best vape pen I’ve used. I don’t have to worry about it going off in my pocket or purse. I feels good in my hand. I really, really like the variable voltage settings! That’s my favorite part! I can quickly control level of the hit.

    I have only 2 concerns. The battery doesn’t last nearly as long as I would like. I charged the pen before I used it for the first time, and it doesn’t last a full 18-hours. My other pens hold a charge for 2-3 days max. The other concern I have is that cartridge can get very hot when I use it at a 3.0v or higher. The tip gets hot enough that I’m concerned about burning my lips. Even with these concerns, it’s still my favorite pen to use!

    • O2VAPE

      Hello, Thank you so much for the nice review ! As far as your concerns, it sounds like that in spite of the good things you may have gotten a bum one 🙁 Most people are reporting days of use and no issues with it getting warm at all please contact us for a replacement 🙂

  18. Andy V. (verified owner)

    To start this off I already owned a Flip Platinum Edition and was already very content with that however, after seeing this new one I decided to save up for when I can make my next impulse buy and I Can say it was worth it! it hits extremely smooth and just aesthetically pleasing to look at! I would recommend it if you decide to vape a lot and want really good quality!

  19. Ryan (verified owner)

    I’ve been using this device for a month now, and yes, this is my first 510 battery, so I don’t have a lot to compare it to. All I know is mine is the sweetest first 510 battery ever. Excellent vapor quality at nearly every voltage setting. As stealthy as any old key fob. Unlike another reviewer, I’ve had no problem with battery life or mouthpieces getting too hot. My puff counter is at 410 and I’ve charged it twice (without it ever dying on me; average 3.8 volt draw). I did have to contact their customer service when the screen threw a short circuit message at me. An employee responded within an hour and offered their professional advice. Turns out one of my carts is weird (paper clip to the rescue) and voila, all fixed! No other cart has caused a problem before or since. Regardless, excellent customer service! Ooh I almost forgot to mention the charging options. THE CHARGING OPTIONS!!! Love. I’m curious what the next iteration will bring because the ultra already has everything I could want. Swiss army 510 battery? Oh yes make that.

  20. Logan (verified owner)

    Best pen I’ve ever used. The materials and shape doesn’t make it feel cheap at all. Totally worth the money!!

    • O2VAPE

      Thank yo so much Logan! Spread the word to your friends!

  21. Chris B. (verified owner)

    I’ve been through several types of vape pens and I have to say, this one is definitely my #1 go-to choice now. Brilliant design!

    • O2VAPE

      Thanks so much Chris! We think so too! 🙂 Spread the word !

  22. JAMES E. (verified owner)

    Love my Flip. I purchased 1 about 2 months ago and it was having some issues after about 400 draws I called O2 talked to Seth awesome dude was very helpful we tried some troubleshooting but didn’t work they sent me a new one with no hassle after about 2 weeks with my new one I dropped it in my drink at a bar of course its not dunk proof but I loved it so much I ordered a new one next day and is working great I recommend this product and the company stands behind there products and is great to work with I have purchased there Dryonic 2 as well I don’t use it as often as my Flip but is also a good quality product. I always do a lot of research with everything I purchase and if your looking for a great cartridge battery this is the one.

  23. Nathan H. (verified owner)

    I am so glad I found the Flip Ultra, it’s the best Vape Pen on the market. I like the versatility of either a USB or Thunderbolt charging option and the voltage range allows you to get all the flavor from your cart that you could ever want. My previous pens that had a button, I would always forget to turn them off and would burn my cartridge while in my pocket. The automatic on/off feature fixes this for me. The video display is really awesome because of the battery indicator as well. It really is a great product and if you are in the market for a new Vape Pen, you won’t be disappointed with your purchase.

    • O2VAPE

      Thank you Nathan! So glad you are happy with your purchase!

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