CERAM-X Premium Concentrate and Wax Pen


Coils?!? Wires?!? Atomizers that won’t heat up?!? Outrageous prices?!? Are you kidding us?  The Wax Pen industry needs to change. So we are doing it!  Enter, our new ceramic wax and concentrate pen the CERAM-X!

The CERAM-X Specs Out Nicely:

Our customers know their stuff so take a look at the specs that make this wax pen perform

  • Voltage matched glazed ceramic heating plate self cleans easily and outlasts wire coil atomizers
  • 900 mah battery keeps you vaping for 60-90 minutes per charge
  • Heating range of 392-428* F depending on battery life
  • LED indicator provides battery life status
  • 3.3 volt to 4.2 volt operating voltage
  • Anti-Leak cap keeps your wax where you want it
  • 1 Year Warranty on battery *with proof of purchase
  • Replaceable glazed ceramic atomizer



Wax Pens manufacturers can do better and O2VAPE set out to prove it with the CERAM-X wax pen, featuring a one of a kind “glazed ceramic atomizer” and built like a tank.

You go through so much effort to get the best wax, shatter and concentrate then your forced to heat on a bunch of wires that will burn off any good taste?  Well we didn’t blame you before.  There really wasn’t a better option for less then $200…  But now you can step your game up with our brand new wax pen at half the price!

Here is what we did:

We tested our new wax pen to the limit throwing everything we could at it and decided it was finally ready for you! The Ceram-X features a coil-less glazed ceramic heating plate design that is easily cleaned like a self cleaning oven.

The coil-less glazed ceramic plate ensure that it will get your wax vaporized at just the right temp but won’t take more then a couple of seconds to heat up.  It’s also voltage matched to the resistance of the atomizer to ensure that you are heating your wax just right.

The long battery life means you can trust it when you want it most. Best of all, the bad taste of built up extracts can be burned right off, cleaned right out and the ceramic atomizer is left looking brand new!

We put this up against some of the industries big names and at less than half the price, it was performing every bit as well. Great taste, just the right size hits, a SOLID #handcheck feel, anti-leak technology on the cap and easy cleaning are just a few of the reasons that the CERAM-X perform so damn well.

Oh yeah, it’s also got a 1-year warranty on the battery so buy with confidence.

Check out all the details below and step your #waxpen game up with O2VAPE.

CERAM-X Includes:

  • 1 Glazed Ceramic Atomizer
  • 1 CERAM-X Battery
  • 1 Mouthpiece
  • Charging wire
  • Application tool
  • 1 Year Battery Warranty
  • Instruction manual


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