Dryonic II: Premium Dry Herb Vape Pen

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We have been working to improve the herbal vape pen industry and taking down each issue one at a time.  We are sick of hearing about herb vapes that don’t perform, have restrictive settings, break, low quality vapor.  We wanted the quality of a desktop vaporizer with the portability of our original dryonic. That’s what we launched with the Dryonic II.


Are you looking for a herbal vape that can dial in your exact temperature rather then guessing with one of 3 temps?  One that offers better battery life?  One that helps you get more out of each fill and that can be cleaned to a brand new sparkle easily?  When you choose the Dryonic II for a portable herbal vape pen you are choosing performance, convenience and longevity.

Finding a quality fresh herb can be difficult.  The industry is plagued by vaporizer pens that don’t allow enough ability to dial in the right temps, leaving partially burned flower, or worse, flower that is vaped too hot and loses the benefits that you expect from an herbal vape pen. The Dryonic II allows you to dial in within 5 degrees of the temperature that you want to vape at, meaning that with each successive hit, you can dial it up a notch to keep increasing your vapor until you reach your max.  That said, this pen rocks so chances are, one at the right temp will be enough.

It also features a full quartz crucible, bucket or chamber.  Not only does that mean that it heats faster, but it also means it is extremely easy to clean.  Simply heat the chamber on high and use the cleaning brush with a little isopropyl to clean out any residue.

We put this against some of the industries top vaporizers and at less than half the cost it really stacked up.  So step your vape game up with the only portable dry herb vape pen that gives you the quality of a desktop vaporizer.  Step up to the O2VAPE Dryonic II.

Dryonic II Product Details:

  • Choose your EXACT temp. From 200* to 430*.  Settings allow 5* intervals.
  • A huge 1200 mah battery provides up to an hour of active usage
  • Hidden OLED UI screen
  • Large chamber for broad range of packing sizes up to .5 gram
  • Quartz Glass kiln heats quickly and cleans effortlessly
  •  Pure vapor from top intake convection


  • (1) Dryonic II DryHerb Vape Pen
  • (1) Charging Cable
  • (1) Cleaning Brush
  • Instruction Manual


To turn the device on : Click button 5 times rapidly

To turn the device off: Click button 5 times rapidly

Once the device is on, the OLED display will come alive and show not only the current temperature but also the temperature that was last set on the pen. If you want to use the same temperature as last time (which is where it is currently set at) hit the power button 1 time and you will see the temperature start to rise to the designated temperature. 

If you want to adjust the temperature, once the device is on, turn the dial or “knob” which is located under the OLED display to your desired temperature. Once the OLED displays your desired temperature, click the button one more time and the device will start to heat up to the set temperature. 

Additional information

Number of Dryonic Vape Pens

1 Dryonics ($94.95), 2 Dryonics ($169.95)

10 reviews for Dryonic II: Premium Dry Herb Vape Pen

  1. Babs (verified owner)

    This is a wonderful product as it allows you to control what you vape. There is a learning curve with a little trial and error on how to pack it/or not. The reason I didn’t give it a rating of 5 is it would have been more helpful to have better use instructions either in the packaging or even on line. Maybe it’s because I’m older and hadn’t used flower since the 70’s. My how things have changed 🙂

    • O2VAPE

      Hey Babs, Thanks so much stay tuned we are just about to put out a video instructions on our UTUBE page 🙂

  2. Benjamin S. (verified owner)

    Liking it!!

  3. Benjamin A Spillman (verified owner)

    Awesome, again I suggest making replacement pieces available.

    • O2VAPE

      Hi Thanks so much ! We have replacement mouth pieces

  4. Diane C. (verified owner)

    I love my Dryonic ||. I agree there is a learning curve when it comes to how to pack the bowl. Logan’s video was really helpful, although I was still having a problem. I called customer service and Zach walked me though with much patience. I learned a lot more than I was expecting. 5 stars for the pen and 5 stars for customer service. You guys are awesome. In addition I am looking forward to saving money, with this pen it takes so little in the bowl and it goes a long way. I definitely will be recommending this pen and O2VAPE to all my friends.

  5. Dave (verified owner)

    The Dryonic II is the final piece of the puzzle for me. After being thoroughly overjoyed with the 510s I had purchased, I decided to look at your herb vaporizers as I am working towards the elimination of combustion as a delivery system. After seeing vaporizers for 100s of dollars, to see your premium offering at less than $100, I was all in.
    I watched your YouTube training and was ready when my package arrived.
    There is a learning curve in terms of how full or tight to pack the chamber, plus finding the proper temp for the desired result; this is an elementary school learning curve, not graduate school.
    The vape works perfectly delivering a smooth draw, flavor filled puff. The battery lasts through 2 or 3 fills which will either really brighten up a single session, or fuel the vape for 2 or 3 smaller sessions.
    I am SO pleased to have discovered your company; my lungs thank you as well. Keep on vapin’!

  6. Melody (verified owner)

    OMG!! This dry herb vaporizer is the truth!! Love everything about it!!. Very user friendly and works like a charm.

  7. Bill flo (verified owner)

    The dryonic 2. Well I didn’t buy the number 1 so can’t tell you the upgrades but the battery life is good for 3 back to back sessions, 5-10 minutes a session. Had some little filter nipple. Get rid of that and get some high air flow going through there. Often gets clogged after session 4-5. Be sure the have something smaller than a paper clip to clean out the holes. The 1/2 gram bowl will get you to the desired elevation.

  8. Ofelia (verified owner)

    Love it

  9. David O. (verified owner)

    Beautiful little machine. Heats up fast. Does the job. Thank you.

  10. James B. (verified owner)

    My 2nd purchase from 02vape. Great products, great service! Thanks

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