3.7 XL Buttonless – 650 mAh | High Capacity 3.7 Volt Vape Pen Battery | 3 Colors

starting at: $32.95

(13 customer reviews)


  • 3.7 Volt, perfect for a wide range of oil cartridges
  • Buttonless operation – simply inhale to activate
  • Huge 650 Mah capacity for extended usage
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • 510 Thread vape pen battery for use with all cartridges
  • Available in Wood Grain, Rugged Black or Stainless Steel
  • For Aromatherapy purposes only
  • To mix and match colors on multiple packs specify in note section
  • Not for use with NICOTINE E-LIQUIDS

The 3.7 XL Buttonless is the next step up from our best selling 3.7 volt buttonless vape pen battery.  The increased capacity means less frequent charging and gets you through longer travel days and longer hikes.  The 510 thread is compatible with almost every oil cartridge while the 3.7 voltage works well with original style cartridges or ceramic cell and gives just the right temp for most oils.  Buttonless operation for straight forward use – simply inhale to activate the battery.

Add on and fill a vari-flow ceramic cell cartridge, perfectly matched for this battery Here.

* Does not include cartridge


Additional information

Weight N/A

Steel, Rugged Black, Wood Grain

Button or Buttonless

Button Activated, Buttonless (Autodraw)

Number of Vape Batteries

1, 2, 5, 10

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13 reviews for 3.7 XL Buttonless – 650 mAh | High Capacity 3.7 Volt Vape Pen Battery | 3 Colors

  1. Nichael H. (verified owner)

    So far so good
    It does what it is suppose to

  2. JAY M.

    Had an initial problem, wouldn’t hold a charge, called Customer Service and talked with Seth who was excellent in helping me and had a new one sent out the same day and it works great. I can only praise the product, the company for honoring their warranty and Customer Service for being quick and efficient!!!|Accolades and superlatives!!!

    • Dana E. Shoched

      Thank you Jay!We are here for our customers VAPE ON!

  3. Jerry W. Jr. (verified owner)

    Awesome pen!

    • Dana E. Shoched

      Thank you Jerry!

  4. Marisa P. (verified owner)

    Love this vape! So easy to use, long battery life & great size.

    • Dana E. Shoched

      Thanks Marisa!

  5. Albert L P. (verified owner)

    Great product . . No longer going to buy the “cheap” pens. Like in life . . “you get what you pay for”

    • Dana E. Shoched

      Exactly Albert! Welcome to the family !

  6. Jj (verified owner)

    My second one gets smooth hits

  7. Michael S. (verified owner)

    Beautiful pen. It works well and holds a charge for a long time. I wish I could control the temperature but other than that, I am pleased.

    • Dana E. Shoched

      Thanks Michael, We do sell variable voltage pens so next order get one and then you will have the feature you want 🙂

  8. Rob S. (verified owner)

    I am a quadriplegic and without hand function, so an “auto-draw” battery is my only option. After years of using the smaller version, I decided to buy a couple of these for the longer battery life. These are powerful batteries and make each hit smooth and consistent. You also get fewer clogs than when using the cheap, made-in-China (no offense to the Chinese people) batteries. Using a lanyard, it’s always available, and I am in heaven. The faux wood finish looks nice, and they make excellent gifts. The friendly customer service and lifetime warranty aren’t bad either.

    The only thing I wish they had is an auto-draw battery of the same capacity but a lower fixed voltage. If O2 Vape had a buttonless 2.6v battery for vaping rosins, I would buy a couple more. My only criticism is that the shipping is steep; however, these batteries are top-notch. I recommend buying two and using them in the rotation because if the day comes that one does give you a problem, you’re going to need a backup, or it will feel as if something is missing in your life.

    • Dana E. Shoched

      Thank you Rob!

  9. Donnie (verified owner)

    Amazing product, such a easy smooth pull!

  10. Tyler C. (verified owner)

    I truly wanna give this 5 stars, but only reason it doesn’t, is because it only has one charging port. That sucks I will say, but other than that, I will quite say it is perfect. It puffs great, charges super fast, on normal use, I will could last almost a week. Over all, a great product for the money and even better when backed up with a warranty.

    • Dana E. Shoched

      Thanks if you want a pen that has 2 charging ports try our Flip Ultra

  11. Nikki G (verified owner)

    Great products. Highly recommend. This is my second time purchasing O2vapes. I now have a back up one to use on the go and one for my sister.

  12. Dave M. (verified owner)

    We have Three of the buttonless version, and all of them work great. We first got one in the woodgrain finish. It worked so well that when we decided to buy more (to keep various strain types in separate pens full time) we chose two more – the black one and one in silver. Draws great, holds a charge even after months of use, and they look good, too!

  13. dps (verified owner)

    Great product, nice price, quick delivery, service is wonderful. Hard to beat.
    Does seem postage is a bit high though. Still very satisfied.