Lil Bitty™ – Variable Voltage Battery w/ 510 Thread | 2 Colors

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  • Stylish, compact, discreet and powerful 510 thread vape pen battery
  • Variable Voltage from 3.4V to 4.0V
  • Long lasting 650 mAh battery capacity
  • Ships same day if ordered by 3:00 EST
  • To mix color choices on 2, 4 or 10 packs please include preference in the note section upon ordering
  • For Aromatherapy purposes only
  • Not for use with Nicotine E-Liquid 


  • Variable Voltage Vape Pen Battery
  •  USB Charger



About the O2VAPE Lil Bitty™ Variable Voltage Battery:

Introducing the latest innovation from O2VAPE!  Our new Lil Bitty™ variable voltage vape pen batteries feature modern styling with a discreet appearance, versatility that lets you dial in the voltage from 3.4V to 4.0V for compatibility with a wide range of oils, and a mighty 650 mAh battery for long lasting sessions and less frequent recharges.  With the Lil Bitty™, you will get the same legendary quality associated with all of O2VAPE’s products and it is backed with our worry-free Lifetime Warranty.

The Lil Bitty™ variable voltage vape pen battery allows you to dial in exactly the right amount of power for your ultimate vaping pleasure.  Whether you are looking to get a smooth easy pull off of a traditional polycarbonate cartridge or if you are using a ceramic vape cartridge and looking for enough power for a big cloud, and the cleanest hit available on the market, this vape pen battery can do it.


Think this pen is like the others?  Ask them for a lifetime warranty.  We stand behind the quality because we don’t mess around like other brands.  We test and test until we know we have the right components and a long lasting life.  Then we back it up with a lifetime warranty that will allow you to stick with the O2VAPE family.  We want satisfied customers, and this is our way of making sure that you buy with confidence.


It comes with the specially designed usb charger for this battery with every order as well.  While the pen uses a 510 thread, this charger is specially made to charge a stronger lithium ion battery and has a design that will work specifically with this battery. When charging the lights on the battery will become solid blue when fully charged. Please click the button 5 times to turn on and off and hold the button down to get that perfect puff!

*To reduce damage to the battery, Do not use a rapid charger usb or charger that is not made for this product.

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Steel, Blue

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30 reviews for Lil Bitty™ – Variable Voltage Battery w/ 510 Thread | 2 Colors

  1. Juan (verified owner)

    Just got the new LIL BITTY 650mAh battery from O2VAPE and I am very pleased. It came with a cool branded charging cable and was almost ready to go. Just topped of the battery and twisted on an All Glass Cart O2V-GC, which I also got when taking advantage of the launch sale, and it took the experience to a whole new level.

    • Dana E. Shoched

      Thank you Juan! So glad you like it!

  2. Rolly (verified owner)

    Worth it.

  3. Harry (verified owner)

    Great lil vape. I love this one. Compact and long-lasting. Does everything a full size battery does.

    • Dana E. Shoched

      Thanks Harry! Vape on!

  4. Russell (verified owner)

    So good I bought 2. Hoping your next battery is a full concealed style to protect the all glass cartridges.

    • Dana E. Shoched

      Thanks Russell! Also, we do have a concealable pen the Patented FLIP ULTRA 🙂

  5. Damian P. (verified owner)

    I have tried so many vapes and carts and these are hands down the best products I have ever bought from the all glass wickless cart and the full ceramic carts to the lil bitty which I absolutely love the battery life and the size and I will shortly purchase the flip ultra because it seem like its what I’m looking for exactly. Keep up the good work you have my business for sure.

    • Dana E. Shoched

      Thanks and welcome to the family !

  6. Marcus N. (verified owner)

    Very happy customer here. Super fast shipping…And an awesome little vape. The lil bitty packs some big punch, hauls nice and smoothly..really delivers on the taste and has 3 heating levels. The battery last ridiculously long as well. It’s definitely worth every penny. 5 stars.

    • Dana E. Shoched

      Thank you Marcus and glad you enjoy it VAPE ON!!!

  7. Rob (verified owner)

    the settings are easy to use and its aesthetically pleasing. the battery lasts longer than you’d think.

    • Dana E. Shoched

      Thanks Rob!

  8. Jeff (verified owner)

    Love it! Small and perfectly designed to fit in a hand. Easy to operate and big plumes

    • Dana E. Shoched

      Enjoy Jeff! Vape on!

  9. Dylan (verified owner)

    What a cool 510 thread battery. Super simple and easy to read and use. Feels super durable and grips well in hand even tho my large hands dwarf this battery. Consistent flavor and voltage as it drains. I wont buy batteries for my 510 cartridges anywhere else!

    • Dana E. Shoched

      Thank you DYLAN! Welcome to the fam!

  10. Robert S. (verified owner)

    I’ve purchased 3 of the LiL Bitty and consider them the best 510 thread vape I have tried. Plenty of vape even on the lowest batt setting and it holds a charge a long time.

  11. James F. (verified owner)

    Powerful battery, very light thank all veterans in your company for serving.Freedom is not free. Great products.

    • Dana E. Shoched

      Thank you so much James!! Enjoy and stay save!

  12. Christina C. (verified owner)

    Highly recommend! Long-lasting battery that last me all week long. Quick charging and easily concealable. They have a nice coating that won’t slip out of your hand. This will be the last battery you will ever need.

    • Dana E. Shoched

      Thank you Christina! Enjoy…

  13. Robert S. (verified owner)

    I have 4 of the Lily Bitty’s and consider them the best variable voltage batteries available. They hold charge a long time and
    have plenty power.

  14. RM (verified owner)

    As an upgrade from the most basic battery (of which I bought 2 and they were perfect introductory pieces), this was perfect for all of my needs! The air flows even better in this one, and the multi-temp setting allows me much better control over the hits. Controls are simple and straightforward, the battery life is great, I might recharge it twice a week under heavy use, once a week under typical use. Another great product that I’ve recommended to 2 friends, both of whom are extremely pleased as well.

    • Dana E. Shoched

      Thanks RM , enjoy!

  15. Kevin (verified owner)

    I have been frustrated with the batteries I have been using so I tried a Lil Bitty. I wish I would have found these sooner. The shorter design is better for pockets and it just works great every time. I’m going to order another for a spare and throw out the crappy ones I have been using.

    • Dana E. Shoched

      Thanks Kevin!

  16. David R. (verified owner)

    Quick return service. Very nice vape, small easy to use

  17. Dan (verified owner)

    I just received the 2 I ordered today and I am in love with these!!! I can’t believe how compact they are. I’ve gotten some batteries from other companies and O2 is the only battery I’ll buy ever again. The same capacity batteries are twice the size and weight. Did I mention how light they are? No? Well they’re very light weight as well. You can’t go wrong with these batteries.

    • Dana E. Shoched

      Thanks Dan and welcome to the O2 family!

  18. Vincent C. (verified owner)

    Hand down the best vape pen/battery I’ve ever had and I’ve gone through many awful ones before finding this an it’s definitely worth the money..I’ve gone through a gram an half of distillate on 1 full charge

    • Dana E. Shoched

      Welcome to the family!

  19. Mark (verified owner)

    The best little battery yet!

    • Dana E. Shoched

      Thanks Mark!

  20. Ron (verified owner)

    Usual flawless transaction and fast shipping. The battery works fine but I like the nano better. I lost mine with a brand new cart and was heart broken. The nano has went up significantly since I bought my first one so I figured I would try this one. I’m not disappointed at all, just like the nano better. Hope it goes on sale soon.

  21. Lori S. (verified owner)

    I’ve had this vape for two weeks. Great product. Easy to use, holds a charge. Small and discrete. Wish I found this vape a while ago before a bought a bunch of junky ones. Worth every penny. Going to buy a spare.

    • Dana E. Shoched

      Thanks Lori! Welcome to the family !

  22. Lori (verified owner)

    Best vape battery ever. I used to go through batteries so much I switched to disposables. Then I found this. Hardly ever needs a charge, small and discrete, has strength setting, nothing not to like about it. Going back for another.

  23. Bevy

    These are the best!

  24. Jason B (verified owner)

    I’ll bitty……this thing is the BOMB!!!! Very powerful for its size. Adjustable voltage, has worked with every cartridge I’ve screwed on. I’ve purchased little batteries b4 but this thing just feels solid, quality you will know once you get one in your hand. Highly recommended. Looking to get the flip next!!!!

  25. Ryan O’K (verified owner)

    Good battery!

  26. Noaha M. (verified owner)

    Love this battery, small and powerful

  27. Denny (verified owner)

    Love these. Have two of them. Wish they would add more colors though.

  28. Cheryl M (verified owner)

    I love my lil bitty. I just bought a second one bc my cousin “borrowed” my first. It’s very powerful, easy to hold and hide, good battery life. Out of my 5 pens this is my favorite. I spent $65 on a fancier one and this is still way better. When my cart is clogged and won’t work with other pens, I can usually get it unclogged with lil bitty, she’s strong!

    • Dana E. Shoched

      Thank you Cheryl! that dang cousin LOL and welcome to the family !

  29. George A.

    Everything I expected it works perfect. 😎

  30. Mike P (verified owner)

    This consistently got the best reviews online. Arrived quickly and works like a charm. Battery lasts longer than most pen batteries that I have used. Even with large hands, it still feels good in your palm. Feels sturdy, no connections issues. I was even more sold when their products come with a lifetime warranty. (Even with the fine print, it is a deal)
    Happy with my purchase. I would and have recommended O2 to friends.

    • Dana E. Shoched

      Thanks Mike P! Welcome to the family!