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There is nothing like the summertime when it comes to getting the most enjoyment out of life, just don’t get a sunburn or heat stroke and chances are you’re gonna have a good time.  Great weather, vacations and fun holidays are all perfect reasons to get outside and spend time with friends.  If you’re a Vaper then you’ll want to prepare so that you can take your medicine or enjoy your hobby without any hiccups.  The team at O2VAPE helped put together this list of 9 Summer Vape Essentials to help you have a vape filled summer!


Carry a Portable Vape Battery Charger

portable vape chargerWe make sure that all of our 510 vape batteries are the longest lasting available. However, when you’re on the road, at the beach or hiking for days at a time, you want to be sure that you don’t end up with a low battery charge.  Snag a portable battery charger to make sure that you have full power for your oil pen, herbal vape pen or wax pen (DUO wax pen shown to the right).  The great thing is, as long as you have the accessories, you can use it for your phone or any other usb charged device.  There are even solar battery chargers like the  ones from Goal Zero that will allow you to keep vaping without needing to touch home base for a recharge on your portable battery charger.


Get a Dab Container

Waxerz leggo

We don’t condone any use of our products with any illegal substance so be aware of your state’s laws. However, states like Oregon and Colorado allow more choices for vapers, and also offer great outdoor activities like a breathtaking weekend hike.  If you decide to take one, just make sure you’re prepared with a top of the line dab container that will let you separate out your different concentrates for different times of day.  You will be able to keep a clean backpack and maintain your wax.  We like Waxerz 6 pack leggo containers for their cool design.


Drink 1/2 a bottle of Pedialyte in the Morning and at Night

pedialyteIt’s HOT out there!!! Heat Stroke and dehydration are a top health concern every summer.  Between 300-900 heat related deaths have been reported every year since 1999.  The fact is, they are totally preventable and you don’t want heat to kill your good times!  No matter if you are at a music festival or volleyball tournament make sure that you bring plenty of hydrating liquids that will replace the vital nutrients without filling your body up with too much sugar.  Pedialyte or an alternative hydration prevention drink will help keep you full of electrolytes and light on your feet.  Also be sure that you can find shade if you start feeling dizzy or nauseous from the heat outside. 


Bring a Portable Dog Bowl

awww cool dog

Keep Fido Cool! It doesn’t mean you have to carry bulky tupperware or his metal dog bowl everywhere with you.  Just snag a flexible travel dog bowl to make sure that your pup doesn’t over heat.  Remember dogs don’t sweat like we do and they don’t stop running just because they get tired.  The fact is that you need to monitor their status for them and use due diligence to keep them out of harm’s way.


Grab a Bag of Trail Mix

trail mixWhat do you bring along when you’re on the trail?  Well Trail Mix of course.  Yes it’s delicious and yes you have the munchies, but there are more reasons why this iconic hiking snack contains the specific ingredients you will commonly find in it.  This heterogenous mixture of nuts, berries & candied chocolate is actually well thought through for the nutrition your body craves when exercising at long intervals, like when you’re hiking.  You need a quick boost of energy and that comes from the complex sugars in the candied chocolates.  Then you will need simple carbohydrates that will be broken down over a slightly longer period of time, that comes from the dried fruits which also happen to contain beneficial antioxidants.  These chewy little treats also have a good amount of vitamins to keep you focused and alert.  Finally, the fat, minerals and fiber in nuts provide extended energy as they break down over a longer period of time.  All of this means that you can keep high energy and a stable blood sugar level that helps avoid a crash later.


Bring a #DuoWaxPen 🙂

duo wax pen and surfingA little self promotion is expected here, but there is good reason for it.  

In the summer you want to have options.  This awesome DUO wax pen will allow you to take a nice smooth vape if you are being active and just want a little vapor puff of oil or juice, or you can use the ceramic coil atomizer and load up hit of concentrate, wax or shatter.  The reviews about this pen are awesome.  Our clients are  reporting insanely long battery life, almost immediate heating times, and strong hits.  It’s also super lightweight and fits snuggly in the palm of your hand for easy portability and discretion.  In order to get the most functionality out of a single pen, pick one of these DUO Pens up and enjoy a puff wherever the sun is shining!


Consider Dry Mouth Cures

Staying hydrated is half of the goal.  Make sure that you aren’t experiencing any dry mouth symptoms associated with the heat, your choice of vape oil or from dehydration.  There are saliva substitutes that you can use to make sure that your mouth, throat and tongue are all resting in comfort.  Consider bringing these along if you plan to vape in the summer sun.  The impact is threefold.

  1. Avoid bad breath
  2. Keep your mouth and teeth healthier
  3. Make speaking, chewing and swallowing (that trail mix) easier

Don’t listen to us about it though those impacts are scientifically proven and accepted by ADA.


Only Use No Leak Cartridges or Glass Cartridges

glass vape cartridge and herb vapeWhen you are fighting the heat and your blood is getting thinner, your vape oil is doing the same thing.  You are going to need the right cartridge for your oil to make sure that you don’t run into any leakage.  Look for a dual chamber vape cartridges or a glass vape cartridge that offers a range of hole sizes to fit the vape juice or oil that you are most interested in using.  That way when the sun hits your mist you won’t have to worry about your oil leaking onto your hands.  By all means never leave your oil container in a hot car, under extreme heat, anything can happen.


Travel With Empty Cartridges

oil-pen-cartridge-partsYou should just face the fact and avoid the trouble. Possession of every kind of vape oil is allowed in many places is not allowed in any airports so if you are interested in partaking, you may want to bring along a few extra empty vape cartridges for your flight.  This will ensure that you get to partake upon arrival.  While you can take e-juice in the allowable amounts, just grab an empty cartridge and fill it up when you reach denver international.


Share your favorite Summer Vaping stories with us below! Or submit the next idea for us to cover!

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