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This premium wax vape pen has a dual purpose; hence the name DUO.  It can be used for extracted herbal oil or wax with a simple change in the atomizer. Unlike other popular or generic “lipstick” style wax pens, the DUO wax pen uses atomizers that screw firmly in place and stay put when removing the cap for refilling. They also use a strong 3.7 volt battery that allows the user to get a very strong puff within just 2-3 seconds of beginning operation. When using the oil cartridge you can be sure that the puff will exceed the strength of any buttonless pen on the market.  We do not include the dry herb atomizer since the Dryonic herbal vaporizer is the best choice for this.

Check on YouTube to find user reviews on how this premium wax pen performs over months of use, the fact is it outperforms in categories of battery life, operation time, cartridge leakage and can be used with any of our 510 empty cartridges and most store bought pre filled cartridges.

Package Includes:

The DUO Wax Pen includes with a all ceramic 510 wax atomizer for your wax and a .3ml oil cartridge along with an awesome application tool, 2 chargers and the instructions.  It has 510 thread so your cartridges will not break as there are no snap on parts, simply unscrew the oil cartridge and switch out to the ceramic one for your wax. You can also use this battery with any 510 thread cartridge.

  • 1 ceramic wax cartridge
  • 1 .3ml oil cartridge
  • 1 dab tool
  • 1  usb charger
  • 1 set of instructions


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4 reviews for DUO Oil & Wax Vape Pen

  1. allen (verified owner)

    Works as advertised…

  2. Paula (verified owner)

    I received my duo vape pen quickly I haven’t used it yet it does look well manufactured quite sure it will perform as required. Lastly I was so excited when I found a site owned and operated by our veterans I will always support my brothers and sisters in arms I will absolutely recomed this site to anyone shopping for vapes online

    • O2VAPE

      Thank you and we do give veteran discounts!

  3. Clint Bergeron (verified owner)

    This device is very easy to use and it functions very well. For CBD oil vaping, remove the plug, insert oil, and then replace the plug. Push the button five times, and on the sixth push, the battery will heat up the cartridge. If you hold the button long, the light will blink, indicating the you must press the button five times again; however, if you don’t hold the button too long, you can hit it repeatedly without having to push the button five times. Once you are done, push the button five times to turn it off. I prefer to pull directly from the cartridge instead of using the mouthpiece, but either way is fine. For the wax atomizer, I put crushed up crystallized CBD in the atomizer, and it gave one of the most delicious tastes I’ve ever experienced. Altogether, I enjoy using this as a cigarette replacement with CBD. I’ve used this to quit cigarettes and nicotine altogether, and it was easy. I now feel like I am no longer addicted to smoking anything because the CBD is non-addicting. Thank you so much for producing a great product. I feel like vaping CBD saved my life.

    • O2VAPE

      You are most welcome and THANK YOU! CONGRATS ON QUITTING SMOKING!

  4. Riley (verified owner)

    Honestly dank af