O2VAPE Grynder



The O2VAPE Grynder is a much needed upgrade from the grinders you grew up. Innovation and new technology in the grinder space was long overdue. Dry herbs today are completely different than when grinders were first introduced. They tend to be sticky and more dense, which can both gunk up traditional grinders, and destroy the quality of your plant material.

Enter the O2VAPE Grynder – Our new Grynder has a few features that make it truly special. First, it features micro rounded teeth that will grind and separate herbs into usable material, rather than shred herbs and stems all together. Next, many traditional grinders contain two flat surfaces that close together and allow for the best parts of your plant material to become stuck in the corners of the grinding chamber. The O2VAPE Grynder uses a rounded or “bowl” style chambers all throughout that do not allow for a buildup of herbs and will keep your grinder running smoothly for a very long time. Lastly, the anodized aluminum build of the Grynder is designed to be lighter weight yet durable for travel.
We’ve taken the biggest pain points of the grinder and worked to overcome them, making for a more user friendly experience and, whether smoking or vaping, delivering better quality ground flower.

5 Piece Grynder Features:

  • Storage Chamber
  • Grinding Chamber
  • Pollen Chamber
  • Pollen Shovel
  • Brush
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