Vape Pen Stands – Handcrafted Natural Wood


These handcrafted vape pen stands are created only for O2VAPE.  We got so many compliments and people wanting to buy these at our trade shows that we decided to offer them here, to you!


The sizes and shape will definitely vary since each one is one of a kind.  Cherry, Oak, Peach and other hardwoods are carefully chosen, drilled, sanded and waxed to fit most vape pens hand crafted and finished for a natural satin look.


These vape pen stands are perfect to extend the life of your cartridge, safely store your pen to reduce the chance of oil leakage and to just look good on your desk or by your nightstand.  They can also be used with just your cartridge to keep it stored in the right position.


Available in 1, 2, 3 and 4 holes and ONLY at o2VAPE!!!


Additional information

Number of holes

Single Hole, Two (2) Hole, Three (3) Hole, Four (4) Hole


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