Clear 510 Wickless Ceramic Cartridges


Getting the best quality vapor doesn’t mean you have to break the bank.  Our no leak, no wick, PEI 510 cartridges use a ceramic heating element with internal coils, allowing even heating and accurate temperatures.  That means a better vapor and better taste.  By utilizing a polyetherimide  casing and mouthpiece.  Since other plastic cartridges using poly-carbonate casings tend to react poorly with solvents, we use PEI to avoid leaching, breakdown and ensure higher heat resistance.

These 510 wickless cartridges feature a .5ml volume and a 1.66mm intake hole.



For a sleek look and unmatched performance, choose O2VAPE’s wickless 510 cartridges.  The performance that you have come to expect with the O2VAPE brand is now available in PEI plastic wickless cartridge.  Featuring a PEI cased ceramic cartridge and 510 threads mean that you can use this with a wide range of 510 thread battery voltages while trusting the quality of your oil.  We recommend using our 3.7 volt batteries, Flip Vape Pen or a variable voltage battery with 510 threads.

The 1.66mm intake holes shown are perfect for medium to thicker oils and the .5ml capacity fits the most common vape oil applicator sizes.

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