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Before I get to the review I believe some context is needed. My name is Jesse and I am a spinal cord injury with use of only one arm. Being a spinal cord injury I’m not supposed to be able to move anything from the neck down yet I have massive uncontrollable spasms that have thrown me out of bed and out of my wheelchair not to mention extremely painful. I am maxed out on prescription pharmaceuticals and still need something more to relax myself. That is where these two beautiful products come into play.

First the oil pens:
Being such a high level spinal cord injury buttonless vape pens are the only way I can medicate independently whenever and wherever I need. I went through several vape pens for years until I stumbled upon the “open vape.” It was an improvement over all the other buttonless vapor pens out there but seemed to still miss the mark of high-quality. Then they switched and became the “o2vape” and I have to say they took a product that was significantly better than the rest and improved it to perfection. The “o2vape” has a battery that will last practically all day for the heaviest of smokers (me.) Also the delivery is flawless if you hit the pen slow and steady. Every time I take a hit off the pen I get a full dose of medicine. After a couple of hits with this pen the dose I get is large enough to send my legs and back into a semi relaxed state which is significantly less painful than being completely rigid, stiff and kicking around. The hit you get is nearly comparable to the button pens set on high yet If you’ve ever had one of these button pens I’m sure you’ve come across the problem of turning up your voltage to high and burning out the cartridge you were using. With this product I have never, not once, had any problems with any cartridge throughout the full cycle of medicine that’s inside. Finally they hit you get is much more medicinal than euphoric, even high sativa strains will have a very calm relaxed feel. Not only is this great for convenient spasm relief but it provides easy access for people with high anxiety issues or insomnia. I no longer have the trouble of enduring sleepless nights of leg twitching and back spasms; for a quadriplegic who can’t get out of bed or move around this is more than a little infuriating. I also have many friends with emotional issues who don’t need to take there benzodiazepines as often because this delivers the effect immediately rather than in 20 minutes while simultaneously having to endure a heavy panic attack episode until those meds kick in. I love this product so much I am no longer adhering to a strict timeline for meds. I know if I skip a dose because I forgot or didn’t have help around the house to get access to them I can leave any spasticity by just taking a couple of hits from my pen which is literally attached to my side.

Next is the Dryonics:
When I first received it and saw there were only three temperature settings instead of the ability to change the temperature precisely I was a little concerned. However the temperature controls they have in place are perfect. I could start off slow with fresh flower and as it goes along the medium setting is typically good enough to vape the flower throughout. I typically use the high setting only on lower quality flower and it still doesn’t burn it! I have been against vaping flower through something handheld because I’ve had very little success with it truly being vaped and not burned. After I was done vaping every piece of flower in there was brown without any black spots to be seen. The first time I used it I was getting frustrated because I didn’t think I was getting anything but after a minute I realized how effective and medicated I truly was. After one use I was sold on this product and have been happy ever since the first use. If you truly want to vape flower then this is a must-have piece to add to your collection.

Finally their customer support:
I’ve talked to people before in this industry and they are very strict with very little room for compromise. While this company has their own policy to maintain they have ALWAYS been flexible with me. Whenever a pen would die I would be provided replacements fairly easily without many questions and are sent out quick. I have used this company since their inception and I will continue to use them because they are without a doubt the best company for customer service and supply the best products I’ve ever used. I promise you won’t be disappointed either.

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