Clearance The Vessel: Pod Cartridge Vape Pen

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Get a great deal on our beloved The Vessel pod cartridge vape pen!

Climb aboard The Vessel and level up your vape game. The Vessel is the next step in the search for a professional quality vape experience without the need for a large box mod, constant charging or buying replacements batteries every time there is an issue.  With 3 times the battery capacity of competing brands and a self setting voltage between 3.3 volts and 3.7 volts, you can control your cloud for even longer.  Whether you are vaping oils or juice it just gets the job done.  Get The Vessel only here, at O2VAPE!


  • 380 mah battery capacity
  • 3.3-3.7 Volt
  • (2) .5ml magnetic ceramic cell pod style cartridges
  • USB charger
  • Pods are not refillable and top locks on
  • Replacement pod cartridges available
  • Fill oil down either side hole not the middle air hole


The Vessel comes with two (2) magnetic pod style cartridges that are readily available through our online store and are matched to work perfectly with the varying voltage of this high capacity battery.  Click Here to find replacement carts.  It is made to work well with a wide range of oils to provide you a higher quality vaping experience while avoiding issues like leaking, battery drain and bulky mods.

*Fill oil down either side hole not the middle air hole.


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