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Branded Locking All Glass Cartridges | Clearance

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  • Internally heated ceramic element
  • Available in 1ml
  • Wickless and Coil-less design – your oil is heated directly from the ceramic element

We’ve taken the best vape cartridge in the world and made it even better! With the our new All Glass Cartridges, your oil never comes in contact with any metal surfaces. The only metal present in the cartridge is in the 510 threads, which allows for the electrical conductivity that lets your battery power the internal heating coil and get to just the right temp. The consistency of the heating element means that you can use the same voltage that you would with our original ceramic cell carts.

Available in 1ml sizes, making them fully compatible to be filled with oil straight from an applicator or vape filling machine.

For use with most 510 thread vape pen batteries, including these best selling vape pens: 

** May not fit on some drop down models


That means that you should screw this right on to the 510 thread of  our 3.7 volt button vape pen batteryVariable Voltage Pen, then go ahead and rip the cleanest and smoothest tasting hit that you have experienced to date!

Check our guide on filling a vape cartridge. You’ll realize that the upgraded filling holes allows oil applicators to smoothly and easily fill without overflow or a sticky mess in the end.  The wide open mouth allows easy filling, even with the thickest oils.

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  1. E

    Compared to the non-locking alternative which I’ve previously reviewed, these are preferable for me. For someone who frequently switches carts, having the cart stay locked is a small convenience. If you are like me and don’t like refilling a used cart, these are a great choice. O2vape all glass carts are simply the best, for those sensitive to metals/oils, and for those who enjoy peace of mind.

  2. K

    So these have to be the best carts I’ve had. Great flow availability. Ordered 10 to get a feel and im sold. I did happen to have 1 cart that didn’t work tho but that happens sometimes.

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