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Pass all heavy metal testing and get the highest quality cartridge available with the O2VAPE All Glass Vari-Flow Cartridge. These bulk, wholesale vape cartridge packages come in a non-logo or “blank”  Locking caps version of what is currently shown for your own branding and also have the option of .5ml or 1ml capacity.

We specialize in sourcing wholesale orders. For a custom quote on larger quantities and branded cartridges contact us at our wholesale page, or click to call below!


Our new All Glass Vari-Flow Cartridges feature O2VAPE’s award winning ceramic cell technology in an all glass cartridge, for the ultimate in clean, metal free vaping. 


We’ve taken the best vape cartridge in the world and made it even better! With the our new All Glass Vari-Flow Cartridges, your oil never comes in contact with any metal surfaces. The only metal present in the cartridge is in the 510 threads, which allows for the electrical conductivity that lets your battery power the internal heating coil and get to just the right temp. The consistency of the heating element means that you can use the same voltage that you would with our original ceramic cell carts.


click here for our video tutorial on these cartridges unique filling method


This latest version of our best-selling All Glass Cartridge now features Vari-Flow technology, which allows you to adjust the air flow rate into the cartridge as you inhale to fine tune your perfect puff.  These new cartridges also feature a single-use locking cap, as a crucial extra precaution for child safety.


Take your flavor to the next level with a variable voltage vape and the all glass cartridge. We have tested extensive iterations and design elements with all glass cartridges, finding that they were effected by issues like increased leakage, fragile glass, or poor performance. By taking our testing to the limits we found a winning combination that provides those looking for an alternative to cartridges containing any metals with the highest quality option.  While we make sure that everything you find on this site passes rigorous heavy metals testing, we also understand the draw for a cart that is all glass, so without further ado, The O2VAPE All Glass Vari-Flow Cartridge.


As this is an all glass cart, there is still a need to be a little easier on it when filling and capping. No matter how tough we make them, a glass pole will always be more fragile than a metal pole. That said the trade off for an all glass option makes up for that.


Available in .5ml and 1ml sizes, making them fully compatible to be filled with oil straight from an applicator or vape filling machine.  We also offer unbranded Quick Ship Wholesale options in quantities of 50 or 100.


For use with any 510 Thread Vape Pen Battery with 3.7 Volts or higher, including these best selling vape pens:

*Will not work with lower voltage batteries, such as our Original Buttonless Battery.


Get ready for the future of oil vape cartridges!  While everyone else has been catching up with the quality of our glass and ceramic vape cartridges, we have been continuing to perfect the puff with our cutting edge 510 thread ceramic vape cartridges.  That’s right, now you can continue using O2VAPE’s great vape products while going 100% glass and award winning wickless ceramic technology!


  • Internally heated ceramic element
  • Available in .5ml and 1ml sizes
  • Wickless and Coil-less design – your oil is heated directly from the ceramic element
  • Locking caps for additional child safety
  • Available unbranded for Quick Ship Wholesale orders of 50 and 100 units
  • For Aromatherapy purposes only

**We don’t recommend using these cartridges with our original buttonless pen model since they require a higher voltage to get to the perfect temperature for your oil.

*Will not work with lower voltage batteries.

For instructions and Pro Tips on filling these all glass carts, watch our full tutorial:


View Our Testing Results

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50 ($3.80 each), 100 ($3.55 each)


.5ml (.5 gram), 1ml (1 gram)

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2 reviews for Wholesale | All Glass Vari-Flow Vape Cartridges

  1. Matt

    The AR app is really cool! Props on that. Vari flow is great too

  2. Mike S. (verified owner)

    Love the variable flow cartridges. I can refill them quite a few times. Was buying #20 until I discovered #50 @wholesale was just a bit more!

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