Decoy Adapter | For Alternative Vape Pods


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We want our customers to have the ability to use the widest variety of e-juices, oils and extracts.  That means offering innovative ways to allow them to use pods from other manufacturers.  Now you can add a Vape pod adapter for your Decoy Mini Vape that will enable you to use Juul brand pods with your Decoy battery.

That means you can now use your favorite pre-filled vape pod while getting extra battery features like variable voltage, higher mah and a convenient key fob design. Variable voltage means that means you can change the vapor temp and get different strength puffs and different flavors.  Higher mah capacity means more usage between charges.  The key fob design means you can keep it right on your keys, on one of our awesome lanyards or just keep in your pocket as a discreet oil, juice or extract vape.


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