Shipping law creates headaches for vape biz

February 19, 2021
Dana E. Shoched, CEO of O2Vape, comments on a new law that appears likely to create significant burdens for vape hardware manufacturers and has the potential to disrupt the cannabis vape supply chain.
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Marijuana vape market share down as manufacturers work to rebuild consumer confidence

February 1, 2021
In addition to the ingredients inside their products, vape companies are looking at the materials used to manufacture the hardware. Dana E. Shoched, CEO of Michigan-based O2Vape, said the company shifted to all-glass and all-ceramic cartridges for safety and quality reasons.

Women Leading The Cannabis Industry: Why you should not ‘go it alone’ With Dana E. Shoched of O2VAPE

February 1, 2021
As part of a series about strong women leaders in the cannabis industry, Dana E. Schoched, CEO of O2VAPE, discusses the value of a strong team in building a successful vape business.

Michigan cannabis companies prove business and social impact go hand in hand

January 29, 2021
When it comes to social justice, more companies are putting their money where their mouth is. CEO Dana E. Schoched highlights the impact vape companies can have for social justice in cannabis and discusses O2VAPE's partnership with Redemption Cannabis to benefit the Michigan Cannabis Prisoner Release Campaign.
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Colorado marijuana vape aerosol testing rules address key health issues

November 18, 2020
O2VAPE CEO, Dana E. Shoched interviewed for here expertise in vaping regulations. As they respond to the 2019 vaping health crisis, Colorado marijuana regulators are believed to be among the first in the nation to require cannabis vaporizer companies to test the aerosol produced when the oil is heated into vapor.

A Female Navy Vet Has Success In Vapes

November 16, 2020
How veteran-turned-entrepreneur Dana E. Shoched built a premier cannabis company. Take Navy Veteran-Turned-Entrepreneur Dana E. Shoched. Dana is the founder, president, and CEO of O2VAPE, a vaping product manufacturer for consumers and wholesalers. Her company makes the patented Flip Ultra pen. A proud veteran, Dana served in the United States Navy, where she learned the value of service and strong leadership.

FLIP Ultra Receives High Marks from Vaping360

November 16, 2020
This is the first product I have ever reviewed from O2Vape, but I’ve been seeing them around for some time now. They are best known for their key fob style batteries, vape pens and refillable oil carts....

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