What is the difference between Pod systems and 510 Thread batteries?


A “510 thread” type battery is an industry standardized size of screw-on style vaporizer battery that is compatible with the widest range of cartridges.  The batteries come in either ‘buttonless’ or button-operated designs and in a variety of battery capacity sizes (mAh), which determines how much use you can get out of your vape pen between charges.  The 510 thread compatible cartridges are available in a variety of materials, designs and capacities, but the connection point (threads used to screw on the cartridge tank) is standardized. These vape batteries are typically recharged using a compatible USB cable.  Click here to view O2VAPE’s wide selection of 510 thread batteries and watch our 510 Thread Buyers Guide below.


A “pod” system uses removable cartridges (either pre-filled or refillable) that typically slide into the end of a specialized battery and are held in place magnetically, rather than screwed on.  The pod works the same way as a normal tank and atomizer does in a standard e-cigarette.  It contains the coil and wick to vaporize the e-juice and the vapor is then sent to your mouth through the mouthpiece.  Pod batteries are available with or without button-operation, are available in a variety of battery storage capacities and are often more powerful than some 510 thread style batteries.  Pods usually hold about 1ml to 2ml of e-liquid, although some pods are bigger.  They are also less prone to leaking than some of the e-liquid tanks used with 510 thread batteries.  Pod batteries are usually simple to recharge by connecting the battery to a USB charger or a charging stand designed for your pod device.  Check out O2VAPE’s discreet mini “Decoy” Pod Battery or our sleek and stylish “Vessel” Pod Battery here.

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