5 Savory Vape Juices For After Meals

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Vape pens and e-cigarettes are often used as a substitute for cigarettes and tobacco. Anyone who’s ever smoked knows that there’s nothing quite like an after-dinner smoke or having one to accompany your cup of coffee. Many smokers feel they could give up smoking entirely, if not for the after meal smoke.

There’s a lot to love about the many artisanal vape juices out there – you can consume vapor juice that tastes like nearly anything on Earth. While sweet, dessert-like vape juices – like sour apple, pineapple, even hibiscus punch – can be delicious, sometimes sweet vape juices leave a little something to be desired, when it comes to after meal satisfaction.

That’s not to mention some of the other activities that seemed to be hard-wired with consuming tobacco – namely, drinking coffee or alcohol. That’s not to advocate for doing any of these things, as we all know tobacco, caffeine and alcohol are bad for your health, but they can be enjoyed in moderation, particularly when eliminating some of the health risks, as with oil vape pens.

Savory vape juices are the perfect, tasty solution to the after-meal cigarette bind. Sometimes, vaping can be almost like eating, in and of itself, and many find that rather than just covering up or masking the flavor of your meal like with combustion, vaping the right flavor can enhance the flavor that is left n your palate after a flavorful meal.

Here Are 5 Savory Vape Juices, to expand your palate.

5 After Dinner Vape Juices to Pair With your Next Meal

Pipe Sauce Chrononaut Steam Sauce: Pipe Sauce pride themselves on creating vape juices that have nothing to do with tobacco, or, as they put it, they’re “making flavors that we wished existed in pipe tobacco.”

Chrononaut by Pipe Sauce will have you thinking of the Caribbean, with a distinctive sweet-and-savory blend of coconut, ginger and black pepper. You’ll be singing “Come Sail Away!” before you know it, drifting off to the Margaritaville of your mind. Chrononaut comes in both 30 mL and 100 mL bottles.


cthuluCthulhu by Pipe Sauce: The stars are aligned to enjoy this madcap concoction, named after the dread creation of H. P. Lovecraft. You’ll be mad as a cultist for this savory black licorice vape juice. Please be advised that Pipe Sauce’s Cthulhu vape juice has been known to crack vape pens with plastic tanks so, as is always the case with the Elder Gods, proceed with caution!



Maple Bacon by Dew Drop Juice: In the Pacific Northwest, you can get absolutely anything in maple-baconbacon/maple flavor – donuts, ice cream, even coffee. Now you can add vape juice to that list, with this Maple Bacon flavor from Dew Drop Juice. For those looking to feel like a lumberjack, pretend they live in Twin Peaks, want to approximate a snowy Vermont winter, or just want something to go with an after-dinner coffee or cocktail, this maple bacon vape juice is for you!

Another nice thing about Dew Drop Juice’s vape juice blends is you can specify what dosage of nicotine you’re looking for, making it a great choice for those looking to cut out cigarettes entirely, or in lighter dosages for non-tobacco smokers.


halo-tobacco-blendFreedom Juice by Halo Cigs
– Of course, one of the main reasons that people use vape pens is as a replacement for cigarettes or tobacco. For smokers, all the crazy flavors in the world won’t suffice. For those looking for a great “all day” vape juice, with just enough of a tobacco flavor to satisfy your cravings, Freedom Juice by Halo Cigs is your ticket to liberation! One reviewer described it as providing “a smooth, relaxing, almost floral tobacco flavor with minimal to no dessert undertones.” They also describe rolling down the windows and burning down the miles with some classic rock. Is that Freedom Juice? Well, turn it up!

Freedom Juice is also available in a variety of strengths, to get the level of nicotine you require.


vermillion-riverCafe Coffee by Vermillion River E-Juice: A great cup of coffee is a classic, time-honored digestif. It soothes your belly, warms your blood, gives you a little bump of energy so you won’t be comatose and lets you get just a little bit more out of your evening. Of course, tobacco is frequently associated with this after-dinner classic, making it hard to give up one or the other.

Now you can roll them into one satisfying cloud of vapor, with the Cafe Coffee Vape Juice from Vermillion River E-Juice. This is no gas station blend, either – the Cafe Coffee vape juice tastes like a robust, fresh-roasted Cafe blend, with just a hint of sugar and cream. You’ll feel like you’ve died and gone to Seattle with a puff of Cafe Coffee from Vermillion River E-Juice. Prepare to enter the Pike’s Place Of Your Mind!


Savory vape juices like these show us that vape pens don’t need to replace cigarettes or tobacco (but they can). It’s a whole different thing, with its own aesthetics and possibilities. If you’ve ever been reluctant to try vaping because everything seemed too sweet, think again. There’s every kind of vape juice imaginable out there, transforming your vape pen into all kind of steamy treats. Enjoy!

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